Community Helpers

??????????Hello Monday! Here we are again for a new adventure at Ohana International School. Today, we learned something about Easter. So, we noticed that we found some egg drawings on the table. Our teachers told us that we needed to put some art decorations on them for our Easter egg activity. Alexa and Sofie did the artwork and they chose the materials that they wanted to use carefully. They also glued the tissue and the wooden sticks slowly so?????????? that it would stick nicely on our paper. Some of us continued with our playtime and we put out some figurines of occupation that we borrowed from Flowers class. We also stayed in the library and looked at the colorful pictures of our favorite books.                 In our circle time, we reviewed some songs that we have learned. Then, John showed us some pictures of different ??????????people. They are also our community helpers. We learned about the doctor last week. And today, we learned two additional words and they are police officers and firefighter. We passed the pictures around and said the words. Dominik even did the hand salute and almost all of the Buds followed him instantly. Kaia was quiet but we knew that she was listening intently and she has also learned the words.

                We also had our gym class today and we met our new gym instructor. His name is Miyashita-sensei. He was very kind and patient with us. Of course, we did some warm-up exercises and we all participated well with him. Then, he asked us to make a circle and walk around. When he ??????????blew his whistle, we all had to stop and smile. And then, he asked us to run around this time. He blew his whistle again and we did the same. The animal actions were also so amazing. We did the bunny hopping, frog jumping and bear crawling. It was pretty funny because we showed how cute and cooperative we were. ??????????The last activity that we had was about making a tunnel. Miyashita-sensei spread his legs apart and he told us that we can go under it like a tunnel. He asked us to go one by one and it was very fun to do it over and over again. And then, he said that he would like to get a high five from us. So, we all ran up to him and gave him our biggest high five.

                We went to the park today and we saw that the cherry blossoms ??????????were starting to fall. The trees were not so proliferated anymore but we can still enjoy the beauty of it. We also enjoyed playing and running after the bubbles. Our friend Rupert came to the park as well. Of course, we like being with him. His mom was also very friendly and she also helped us going up the slides. Alexa went to the small pull up bar beside the trees and she ??????????courageously grabbed the bar while trying to put her legs up. Nikolas likes the sand very much so he played with the Petals class. Kaia and Sofie excitedly used the slides and they both helped each other going up and down.

It was a lovely day and we had a nice time ??????????together with our teachers and friends. Thank you so much again Ohana! Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki