Easter Bunnies

DSCF4980Dear Flower Class parents, thank you for making Friday’s spring picnic such a success. We hope you all had a great weekend. This morning we saw the pink play-dough we made a while ago on the table along with lots of animal cutters. Also on the table we saw some flour, oil, salt, water and cream of tartar. Nanako helped us all make some new playdough. We measured the ingredients out carefully into a big white bowl and helped mix it all together. We took a vote on which color play-dough we would like to make and added some yellow food coloring to the mixture. Nanako DSCF4982then put the yellow mixture into the microwave oven to cook it and soon we had lots DSCF4983of yellow play-dough to use. It was a bit too hot to touch and so we will try out our new play-dough tomorrow morning. Also on the tables was the ‘Flying Pig’ moving wooden toy we started to put together last week. The pieces we had glued were now dry and it was time to put together some more pieces. Eito and Tokutaro glued on the pigs ears to the body, and the Jennifer, Sara and Olivia put together the base with the cam movement in it. These pieces were a little difficult to push together as there were tight slots to hold it together. Wednesday this week is going toDSCF4987 DSCF4989be Olivia’s last day at Ohana school. We will all miss her so much and so at the table today we started to make a special heart each to say bye-bye to Olivia. We used lots of sparkly pens and even wrote a message to Olivia too. On the games and numeracy table Olivia tried the animal matching game. On the board there are lots and lots of adult animals photos and on the accompanying cards were the baby animals to go with each with their names printed on them e.g. Horse>Foal, Chicken>Chick, Dog>Puppy etc. After packing away the toys NanakoDSCF4992 DSCF5001read a book called ‘Robbins’ which explained how birds make nests in the trees from twigs they collect. We headed for the park and managed to find some twigs there to make a nest in the classroom. We put them in a plastic bag to bring back to school. When we arrived back we saw our new Gym class teacher Miyashita Sensei waiting for us. Some of us remembered Miyashita Sensei from the short visit a few weeks ago. We started off with some stretching, balancing and jumping activities and then did some activities where DSCF5002DSCF5011Miyashita San blew the whistle and we had to stop and smile or jump. We then had to listen carefully to how many times Miyashita San blew the whistle and then get into groups of that number and hold hands. We then did some pair work where one of us sat on the floor with our legs out while our partner jumped over our legs and also hopped around us. Finally we played a game where we made a big circle with our friends and then had to squat down or sit depending on the words. Thank you Miyashita San for a great first session. We were DSCF5016DSCF5018very lucky that we had Sara’s father Steve visit us today as part of the Easter weekend to read a favorite book of Sara’s called ‘Best Bunny Book Ever’. This had 3 stories all about bunny rabbits. The first one told us about a bunny who was naughty and would draw on the walls, pick flowers, push friends, didn’t listen and even let the chickens out. His mummy was unhappy and to make her happy again the bunny was good all day and did a picture for his mommy before bed. The second story told us all about the different kinds of bunnies and we each told Steve which was our favorite bunny. The last story involved a baby bunny and his family all suggesting DSCF5026what he should be when he grew up. Eventually the baby rabbit said he wanted to be a daddy rabbit. We were also lucky that Sara gave us some bunny stickers each to take home. Thank you Steve and Sara, it was a wonderful book and thank you for taking the time to visit us today. Have a great afternoon.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Nanako