Let’s learn more about purple, firefighter and how to make new play dough

??????????What a wonderful Wednesday! Buds are always ready for a new day at Ohana. We came to class with some activities prepared on the table. And we saw pictures of the firefighter and the nurse. The firefighter wears a cool hat and the nurse is very pretty with her uniform. ??????????Sofie, Alexa and Kaia started coloring on the pictures so that we could have wonderful decorations on our wall. It was very nice to see how we can work together as a group. We also have some play dough and Popsicle stick activities today. Yurika really liked to manipulate stuff. We feel that it ??????????is her interest to use her sensory skills most of the time. She then went to find her firefighter helmet and tried to show her teachers how pretty she was on it. Rupert and Lisa were quietly playing with the cars and animals while Kaia was pretending to call up somebody today.

In our circle time, Maki helped us to learn some ABC. All of us ??????????knew the song and it was very nice to see the letters as well. We were also called up one by one to point at the letters while we sing the song. Sofie was so confident in singing but Maki helped her pointing the letters out. Dominik was very quiet but he tried his best to sing with us too. Most of the Buds would like to have their ??????????turn but we didn’t have much time so we proceeded to our new activitiy. Sayaka took out a board and Maki showed us the sticky film. We touched it and all of us felt so funny because our hands were sticking on the plastic. We also saw some stuff from the container that our teachers showed us and everything had the same color. Maki asked us what ??????????color we learned yesterday and Sofie replied, “Purple”. And then, we remembered that it was indeed purple. So, we picked the purple feather, purple crayon, purple Popsicle stick, purple glitter pompom, glitter plastic knife, purple toy grape, purple marker and purple wooden sticks.

??????????                 That was fun color and ABC activities! Then, Sayaka told a beautiful story for us. First, she wore a firefighter helmet and she made a sound of the siren “wee-woo”. It was very interesting for we all listened carefully while she was doing her lesson. We learned that it was not an easy job for the firefighters to do what they do. They saved the woman, the girl and the puppy from the burning house and it was very heroic for them to risk their ??????????lives to save people. We also learned that they used the fire hose. And our teachers asked us what comes out from the hose and some of us answered, “Water”. We all waited for the water to come out. And when all of the firefighters held the big fire hose together, the water came splashing around and they all put it towards the burning house until the fire went out.

??????????                 We learned a lot from the story and our teachers said that it was time for us to go to our activity tables because we were about to make a play dough. We had to use many ingredients and we have to be very particular with the measurements so that our play dough would turn out just fine. We took turns in pouring and mixing all the ingredients. And as we went along with the process, all of us were very curious and we liked to watch how the play dough was made with our hands. Of course, with the help of our teachers, we can make good play dough!

When we went to the park, we saw that most of our friends from ??????????Ohana were already there. The Petals and Flowers class were enjoying their time together and when we arrived, we completed the Ohana family. So, we all went to the slides and swings and some of us went straight to play in the sandbox. Nikolas was so amazing because he was very brave to go up and down ??????????the jungle gym. Lisa, Sofie, Kaia, Rupert and Leanne stayed on the slides, they were also waiting for our teachers because it was more fun to slide down with them.

Thank you so much again Ohana for the wonderful day! Thank you for the patience my dearest teachers! Hope to see you all on our Spring field trip tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki