Foil Art

??????????Hello Tuesday! We are so ready for a wonderful day. More kids are coming today from their vacation. We feel that it is also important to greet each one of us with a big and warm smile. We also welcome Sofie today because she had a vacation in the Philippines. Hope you enjoyed your time with family and friends! We all have our activities ready in the circle time corner and on our activity tables. Dominik, Taiga and Rupert went to find the different cars and vehicles and they also started building an arch and a tower. They ??????????were so curious on how their play would turn out and once they have completed the whole process, they started making a sound as if their cars were moving around town. Then, Haruto together with Dominik, got some pans and pots and they said that they were cooking. Haruto said that he had an apple and he wanted to cook it. Sofie and Kaia got some little cars too and they both walked fast and stopped in front of the mirror and looked at themselves. ??????????               Today, we went to the office because our teachers told us that we will water some plants in the garden. We all felt excited because we would love to see and touch the flowers there. Dominik was very curious and he volunteered to go first. We got some water sprinklers and we used it carefully so as not to spill a?????????? lot of it. And then Sofie said energetically that she would be the next one to water the flowers. So when she had her chance, we felt that she was so thrilled to try it. Kaia was patiently waiting and when she had her cup for water, she couldn’t even hide her smile. Taiga independently did the watering too. Riku was quiet but we could see that he was enjoying every minute of it.

??????????               In our circle time, we all gathered around and sang songs we liked. Our teachers were also trying to gauge our mood if we wanted to sing this song and that. But our all-time favorite “ABC song” and “Hello song” were always in our song list. Yurika was always amused by our music activities and Lisa liked to move around. Our teachers also asked us to stand up and sing “The Five Little Monkeys”. We all loved the song as we jumped and pretended that we bumped our heads. It was funny at the same time we were learning how to count from five to one.


After our circle time, some of the Buds went to the art table. We did the foil painting today. We saw the blue, red and yellow paint. And we all loved how we scribbled with our paintbrush on the aluminum foil. Sofie almost painted all over her foil and Lisa ??????????was very quiet and calm while painting. Dominik and Rupert waited for their turn before they started their masterpiece and Yurika joined in too. The other table was filled with some fine motor activities. They scooped the acorn pieces and put them in the cups and bowls.

We went to the park today and the weather was so lovely! On our way to the park, we saw the different cars and trucks. Rupert excitedly called out, “garbage truck” and we felt that he really liked it. So some of us went on ??????????saying, “garbage truck” and then we sang “The wheels on the bus”. When we arrived, we saw how the wind blew the sakura petals from the tree. It was fascinating for it was like a snow falling down in spring. Every child from Ohana ran towards the tree and started following the falling petals and it looked like that they were dancing with the wind.

Thank you so much again Ohana for the wonderful day! Have a great day and see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki