Superman Towel from Jeremy

DSCF4761This morning on the table Adam and Kosei made their climbing models of themselves. Many of our friends finished their models yesterday and saw them on the wall. We came over to them and pulled the yarn to make them climb and then when we let go of the yarn they climbed down. Tokutaro, Marc, Adam and Eito all wanted to come to the 3rd floor to water the flowers on the outside wall space after seeing Riko on the classroom balcony watering the Texas Bluebonnet seeds we DSCF4763planted before the Spring break. When we got to the 3rd floor we were surprised to see our friends from buds class there too. We helped our friends DSCF4767by giving them a cup each which we filled with water for them to help water the flowers and herbs. We hope the cuttings we took grow well so that we can replant them soon. On the light-box Marc and Jeremy decided they wanted to trace some jobs cards. First they chose a card each and then taped a piece of paper over the card. We used a pencil and traced the outline very carefully which we will color later. After clearing away the toys and checking the calendar we were ready for DSCF4773Jeremy’s ‘Show & Tell’. Jeremy Brought in a towel covered with pictures of cars, DSCF4774trucks, buses and trees. The towel has a popper at the top so that Jeremy could wrap it around his waist, chest or if he put it on backwards around his shoulders. When it was around his shoulders Jeremy liked to pretend he was a superhero and could fly. He laughed so much and flew around in front of his friends all the time flapping his arms. He told us how it has a lot of pictures of cars, trucks, fire engines, trees, buses and taxis. He also told us how he wipes hisDSCF4775 body with it every day after his bath or shower. Jeremy then answered lots of DSCF4779questions from his friends and told us how he called it a cape, how his favorite car was the green one, how he loves his towel so much because of all the cars, how he got the towel on Friday in a clothes shop. Thank you Jeremy for a great show and tell. It was wonderful! We then headed for the park and saw lots of cherry blossom falling from the trees. It was a lot of fun trying to catch the blossoms with our hands. Many of us came to the netted area to play soccer too and made sure we drank lots of water as it was very warm in the sunshine. When we came back to theDSCF4794 DSCF4798classroom we started our circle time by finishing our bar graph about occupations. Previously we asked how many of our chosen jobs wear a uniform or work inside/outside. We placed a small bear representing ourselves on the bar graph and then together counted how many of us would work at night or during the day. Many of us worked during the day (11) while only a few we thought worked during the night (3). Together we then read a book titled ‘The Bernstein Bears Go for a Checkup’. It was a good book where the doctor checked the cubs hearts, eyes, noses, throats, temperature, weight and height. The doctor also checked their DSCF4805DSCF4808hearing and so we decided to play a whispering game. We sat in a circle and Darren whispered some words to Kosei who was sitting next to him. Kosei then whispered the same words to Eito, then Jeremy etc until we had all had a turn. Gaby was at the end and said the words were “Legoland”. Unfortunately somewhere along the line the words had changed from “Lunchtime” to “Legoland”. We will try again in circle time tomorrow. Have a great afternoon.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka and Sharee