Congratulations Ayaka and Thank you all

Dear Flowers parents, Thank you for a wonderful semester filled with love, fun and enjoyment. Ayaka was in buds class this DSCF4641morning completely unaware of our preparations for her surprise party in flowers class. Maki form buds class very kindly came up to help decorate the classroom and help out.This morning we started our day planting the seeds given to us by Adam’s Grandmother Connie and Grandfather Tom from Texas. The seeds will grow to beDSCF4643 flowers called Texas Bluebonnets and should grow to be about 30 centimeters high. They are the Texas State flower and we planted them by sprinkling them on the surface of the soil. We know they need soil, water, and sunshine to grow and hope to see them growing after the sDSCF4648pring break. On the games and numeracy table Kosei and Olivia saw an addition and subtraction game which they enjoyed playing. They needed to count the objects and put in the correct numbers at the end of the sum. Gaby, Olivia and Alexis all worked together with Maki using the ball run game and shared the pieces really well. Tokutaro and Nile DSCF4651dressed up in the cowboy costumes and posed for lots of photos. Nile looked like a country and western star with the guitar too. DSCF4656After packing away the toys the teachers told us all about the coming party for Ayaka. We helped decorate the room with banners and decided where to put the special glowing balloons on the ceiling. WE turned off the lights and they looked all sparkly. Many mums arrived with food and drinks and we helped set up the tables with yummy food and drinks. Thank you to all of you for doing this forDSCF4664 Ayaka and William! We each had a party popper, turned off the DSCF4667lights and hid behind the toys. Nanako put on some nice wedding music and as soon as Ayaka entered the room we all jumped up and said “Surprise….Congratulations”. We pulled our party poppers and Ayaka came and sat on the special guest chair. Tokutaro got the golden crown from the dress up area and placed it on Ayaka head. Gaby then nicely gave Ayaka the special card we had made for her. We then sang “If you’re happy and you know it” and added aDSCF4679 DSCF4692special line about giving Ayaka a kiss and a hug. We then all got a chair and lined them up in the middle of the room to play musical chairs. First we needed to remind all of the mummies of the rules and then started. The music was very nice and calming and so the mummies moved around the chairs like little butterflies. Soon the game was down to Ayaka and Denise, and guess who won….Yes, Ayaka. Congratulations Ayaka!! We then moved to the table for DSCF4716the yummy food. It was delicious and we ate and drank until our tummies were full.DSCF4700

Thank you all for your help and support this semester. It has been and always will be great to have such a wonderful group of parents and children in Flowers class.

Have a great spring break,

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako and MakiDSCF4719