March 18 – We love to count!

??????????Good morning Wednesday! We are prepared for a great day at Ohana! Our friends were all waiting for each of us. On our morning activities, we saw some play dough and theMr. Potato Head toy on the table. Ritsuka and Yurika were early today so they have decided to make some cake and cookies for everyone. They were even speaking to each other and our teachers couldn’t understand what they were saying. And then, they got some colorful blocks from our box and they started building a small tower. Leanne was also ??????????playing with the play dough and then she told her teachers that she was making a sandwich. Our teachers asked her “What kind of sandwich are you making?” She immediately replied, “It’s a sandwich with doughnuts and white cheese in it.” Also, Chloe made the “Clover Art” today. She was very neat on her work and she has great fine motor skills too. ??????????               In our circle time, we had a very great time singing, “Hello, Good morning” song. Sofia, Leanne and Yurika were always dancing and doing some movements when the song tells them to clap their hands, stamp their feet and jump around. It was very entertaining for they were actually looking at their friends to join singing and dancing with them. And then, we sang the “number song”, everybody was so excited to jump as the song ??????????goes. It’s a good practice of our counting. We also listened to the story of Olivia loves to count. We saw one ball, two hair bows, three pots of paint, four aunts, five books, six teeth, seven accessories, eight cousins, nine toys and ten Olivias! Not only that, we also counted some blocks that John took out from the box. We started counting them one by one and amazingly most of the Buds could count from one to ten. Kaia, Leanne, Sofia, Yurika, and Dominik tried their best to count all the blocks. It was so cool to learn about the numbers today.

??????????               For art activity, we saw some toilet rolls, paint and the paintbrush. Some of the Buds were wondering what we would be doing. And then, our teachers said that we have to color the tissue rolls with brown. We will then find out tomorrow why we made this. Ritsuka quietly painted on the toilet roll and at first, she was shy in dipping her paintbrush but with a little encouragement, everything went okay. Lisa went to our table voluntarily and she ??????????seemed very interested in painting. So, she got her materials ready and started working. On the other table, some of us were playing with the sensory activities. We had some beads of acorn and we all had a great practice in controlling the cups, small china pitcher, tongs and small glass bowls.

At the park, we saw our friends again. We liked playing with them and they were all accommodating as well. We may be small but we can already play with the bigger class. It was nice to see that we are gradually interacting with the other kids from Ohana. It was indeed a great kind of social development for all of us.

??????????                Thank you so much for the teachers who are always patient with us and letting us learn more in and out of the classroom. We can’t wait to see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki