Playing together

DSCF4433This morning when we arrived we saw the paint pots, brushes and paper on the big table. We were very excited because we haven’t done any painting in a while and wanted to try. We firstly needed to put on painting smocks to protect our clothes and then we could begin. Jennifer and Olivia both decided to paint a rainbow and then added some beautiful flowers to their artwork. Please take a look if you get a moment to see their wonderful work. On the second table Riko and Arata added DSCF4437small ‘pearler’ beads to their pegboard designs. Riko managed to finish hers while Arata is nearly finished too. Well done guys! On the carpet area the Lego and Duplo blocks were very popular and it was great to see Nile and Arata DSCF4442playing together on the Lego baseboards. Jessica later joined Nile at the small puzzle table where we found a magnetic castle puzzle with princess pictures as well as dragons. Eito and Marc got out the ball run box and started to put the tracks together and were soon joined by Tokutaro and Olivia who wanted to build a bigger track. Darren helped Marc and Eito build a bigger ball track and we soon joined them together to DSCF4444make one giant track. It looked great and we soon had the ball racing along the tracks and down the funnels. After packing away the toys and DSCF4448eating snack we headed quickly to the park as we needed to be back before Tanaka Sensei’s gym class. In the park Tokutaro, Eito, Olivia and Jennifer found a soft Frisbee which they practiced throwing to each other. It was quite mild in the park and we hope to see the sunshine again soon. In our gym class we started by warming up and stretching our bodies by jumping, bending our legs and balancing on one leg. We also tried our usual ‘Bridge’ pose which we are getting very good at. It was great to see all our friends helping each other and joining in the class. Tanaka Sensei DSCF4456then asked us about traffic lights and we knew all the colors and so we played a DSCF4460game where we pretended to be driving a truck. When Tanaka Sensei said a color in Japanese we had to stop, go or move to the wall with our friends. We then played a second game where we needed to find a partner and then look for something in the classroom which was red, yellow, green etc. The last game we played involed us doing paper, scissors, stone and the winner made a train engine and our friend was behind us. We then moved around and again tried paper, scissors, stone with the winner staying at the front of the group and the losing groupDSCF4461 joining the back of the train. It was a great success and we all enjoyed ourselves so DSCF4465much. After gym class we came to the table to work on our “I want to be a ………… when I grow up picture”. We needed to draw with a pencil first and then once we had done enough we could start coloring with sparkly pens or colored pencils. Meanwhile Darren took each of us one at a time to have our special ‘Jobs’ photo taken. We got some props from the classroom and took a photo for our artwork. DSCF4468 DSCF4470Have a great afternoon. All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Nanako