Triangle and Square, let’s stick our house together

??????????Good morning everyone! It was such a nice weather and we’re all active and ready for the next activities we’ll be having for today. In our circle time, we talked about using our gentle voice again. We tried our very best to stay as quiet as we can for we didn’t want to wake the baby up. And then, we all had to pass the baby around and to use our gentle touch to give him care and love. And later on, we were able to put the baby to sleep. Yurika and Rei were also wonderful because they loved taking care of the baby. Great job girls! We were so happy to make our new house again. Our teachers showed us various shapes that we can find on the table. We learned “triangle” and “square”. We ??????????also chose some markers that we could put on our houses as a design. Nikolas surely enjoyed using posca markers and he was saying “my house, my house”. As he scribbled on the paper, he was also making a humming sound. And then, Lisa pasted her shapes a little to the sideways. Thus, it looked like a leaning house. She also used black marker for her door and windows. Kaia was great too. She knew where to put all the right parts of the house and then she drew lots of lines around and inside her house. She used blue, and she repeatedly said, “Blue, blue”. We think that she liked blue so much. Sofia ??????????voluntarily went to our activity table and it was very interesting how she kept saying, “green, green house”. She actually chose color green paper and she also used green marker for her house. Nikolas also loved doing this art work. He liked to use the markers first but our teachers told us to put the shapes instead. And when he did that, he quickly chose gray and orange for coloring. Yurika was also awesome for she didn’t play with the glue this time. She patiently used the spatula like a big girl. She didn’t need any assistance from her teachers today.

Before going to the park, John read a story for us. The title of the book was ??????????Can you moo too?” It was a very entertaining book because it talked about the different animal sounds. We heard the cow’s sound “moooo”, and the chicken said “cock-a-doodle-doo”, the lamb bleated “baa”, the little gorillas went “oooo”, the lion roared, “rawwwr”, the frog said “gribbit”, the duck made a “quack” sound, the cat purred, “miaow”, the bear growled “grrrr”, the puppy yapped “woof”. The animals went on to make their sounds all together. All of us were making the animal sounds. We tried to copy their sounds as much as we could and we thought that we should try even harder next time. Surely, our teachers would read this again for us and by that time, we would be able to make good sounds.

??????????               On the way to the park, we were all excited to walk and sing with our teachers. We learned that we could also use our tummy drum. We have to use our free hand (because the other hand would have to hold on to the rope) and touch our tummy to make a funny sound. And we all made the BAM, BAM sound as well. Nikolas was also in the mood of singing for he sang many tunes while we were headed to the park. He liked to sing “hands up, we are crossing the street” and Leanne continued singing “Tomorrow”. Sofia also had a great time walking with her friends. She held the doughnut without hesitation.

When we arrived at the park, we saw our friends from Petals and Flowers ??????????classes. As usual, we played with them again and even used some sand box toys and balls. On the way back to Ohana, we sang songs about putting hands to yourself because it wouldn’t be safe to touch the walls and cars while walking back to school. Thank you so much to the teachers for giving us lots of learning opportunities each day! Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki