Happy birthday Ritsuka, Sofie, Dominik, Sofia and Haruto

??????????Hello Thursday! The Buds came with big smiles, and they all got their toys and other favorite things that they have in class. Our teachers showed us a house art work made of tissue box and they said that we could do it too. So Leanne, Kaia, Dominik, Haruto and the others began to color their houses with markers and they learned the word “window” and “door”. We had to learn some words about family and home for our theme topic. We were so proud to learn the words little by little. In our circle time, we did some finger plays. Our teachers taught us how to make a diamond with our index fingers and thumbs. We also saw that John was making a telescope with his hands. And when he looked at each of us, we had to say our names. Today we celebrated a special day for five of our friends in class. Happy ??????????birthday to Sofie, Sofia, Ritsuka, Dominik and Haruto! It was such a lovely time that we had with them.

??????????               First, we saw five chairs and our teachers said that these are birthday chairs. They called the birthday celebrants one by one. It was so funny because most of us would like to sit on the chair, thinking that it was also our birthdays. Sofia’s mom (Carmen), Dominik’s mom (Eriko) and uncle (Ken), and Sofie’s mom (Jen) came today to celebrate the wonderful moment with our celebrants. They arrived with delicious treats and all of us were thrilled to try them all.

When we were all completed, our teachers asked us to get the crown. Sofie got?????????? it first and we asked her about her age. She said that she’s not two or three but eventually she realized that she’s really three years old. Then, Lisa gave her the crown. Initially, Lisa thought that it was for her but when we told her that it was Sofie’s, she gladly gave it to her because she really likes Sofie.

??????????                Next was Dominik, we also asked about his age and he tried his best to give us the right answer. He looked at his mom and he agreed that he’s three too. He was so adorable when he was looking at his mom for answers. Then, we asked Leanne to give the crown to Dominik and she willingly gave it to him with a big hug.

Sofia got her crown too. And she was wearing a beautiful floral skirt today. ??????????She was sitting on mommy’s lap but she was also participating during the whole celebration. She also brought some food for us. Haruto took his crown with Kaia’s help. She also gave him a sweet smile. Haruto said that he was five years old but he also agreed that he’s three in the end. Lastly, Ritsuka wanted to take the crown by herself. So she stood up from her chair and went straight to John to get it. It was a marvelous experience for all of us and we all knew that we’re growing up fast!

??????????               We all sang the “Happy birthday” song. We clapped our hands, jumped around and shook our hips over and over again while singing. The birthday celebrants were so happy to sing and dance with us too. Ritsuka was even moving her head from side to side through the entire song. After the short song performance, we all went to our tables to eat the yummy treats. Sofia’s mom brought some bread and chocolate cake, Dominik’s mom brought cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla flavor, Sofie’s mom gave us healthy fruits – strawberries, blueberries and grapes. Also, Rupert surprised us with such little nice muffins for everyone. It was small but definitely yummy!

To wrap up our celebration, we sang our “Thank You” song. The song was of ??????????course for our parents and relatives who prepared and came today for the party. We also like to thank Ritsuka’s parents for bringing fresh and big chunks of strawberries just for us. She enjoyed every minute of the celebration. Thank you again and hope that you’ll come again someday!

??????????               We went to the park and we were a bit late because of the birthday party. But we still enjoyed the short time because we saw the Flowers and Petals classes being there too. Rupert liked the slides and the pull-up bars. He got a very strong grip because he can hold on to it for more than 10 seconds without any support. Chloe gradually interacts with the ??????????Buds friends. She was with Leanne and Nikolas in the sand box. Sofie went to find the swing and she spent a lot of time swinging back and forth. Leanne was playing with some sand tools and she told her teachers that she was making a doughnut for herself and everyone.

Thank you so much teachers for your kindness and patience. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki