Valentine's song

??????????It was a beautiful morning and the Buds quietly settled in their seats and played with their toys on the table. Sofia finally drew some pictures and she slowly interacted with her friends in class. Dominik who was always interested with the toys around, started connecting trains and stacked some blocks at the same time. In our circle time, the Buds saw the hearts in different colors again.?????????? Our teachers said that it’s going to be Valentine ’s Day tomorrow so we can give our love and hearts to the people we love especially to our parents. So, here we learned some actions how we can show our love and affection, John passed the hearts around and we kissed, hugged and gave a gentle touch to our hearts. And then, we also sang a Valentine’s song, ‘You’re my valentine!” And the song went like this…

I give you my heart

I give you my love

I give you heart

I give you my love

You’re my valentine

Flowers and chocolates for you

You’re my valentine

I want to say “I love you!”

??????????  After our song, we also learned that Hana and Lanah will be moving up to Petals class. Lanah was not here today so we gave a simple “bye-bye” party for Hana. Our teachers also prepared a special card for her. We saw the Buds faces on the paper. And Hana recognized all the faces correctly. We will definitely miss these wonderful girls for they have shown us what friendship really means. We all admire their relationship. We wish you to bloom more and to continue the great things that you have been doing in class. And to end our simple party with full of warmth and love, we gave her a big, BIG hug. And the Buds were truly thankful to know both Hana and Lanah and to all the amazing moments that they have shared with us.

Today, some kids were not able to do the Strawberry Chocolate ??????????Fondue last week. So, they had to do it today. Sofia, Rei and Nikolas tried their best to put a lot of chocolate on their strawberries. The smell was very amazing and the Buds classroom was filled with chocolate aroma.

While some kids were busy doing the chocolate fondue, the others continued stamping hearts on our special paper. They were so glad to see the stamps. Hence, they put a lot more and Yurika liked to use her handprint as well. Taiga was always putting a stamp on his paper and then he would look at his teacher ??????????with a big smile. Leanne was so concentrated and we feel that she also likes to paint a lot in class. Her interest in arts is really evident and we feel that she’s going to be a great artist someday. Sofie was also very quiet and calm doing her heart stamp. She liked the idea of dipping the cardboard tube in the paint. She felt that she needed to make more hearts on her special paper. Kaia was first observing everyone before she began doing her own artwork. She finished her painting with lots of hearts and then she would tell everyone, “Kaia heart, Kaia heart” over and over again.

We went to the park and the weather was awesome. We sang ??????????various songs that we already knew on the way to the park. Like “Where is thumbkin?”But instead of calling our names for fingers, we just called out our own names. For example, Where is Rei-chan? Where is Rei-chan? Here I am, here I am. How are you today Rei? Very well I thank you! We’re going to the park. We’re going to the park!

??????????As always our kids had a wonderful time playing with Petals and Flowers classes. Rei was always there to find one of the Flowers class kids to help her out around the park. She may go up and down the stairs with the Flowers class accompanying her. She’s like a princess and everyone adores her. And especially, Kousei who was like her brother at the park today.

Nikolas was observing everything around him. He seemed to like ??????????the sand box and balls in the park. We feel that he’s going to open up more and more pretty soon. Thank you Ohana and we would like to greet you a Happy Valentine’s Day! See you all next week!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki