Welcome back, sunshine!

???????????????????????????????The sky was blue in the morning! No snow left on the ground. We thought that we could make a snowman today, but the weather forecast was wrong. We started our day making beautiful flowers with tissue paper. These are going to be a gift for Valentines’ day to send??????????????????????????????? our love to our special people. Liezel helped us to cut the colorful tissue paper into squares, we placed four pieces of paper on the pile to make some petals and then pinched the middle of the paper. It was little bit tricky to do all by ourselves, so Liezel helped us to finish them and make a ???????????????????????????????nice shape. At the end, we made a stem with a green pipe cleaner. Some of us made two flowers, one for mom and another for dad. They looked very pretty. We hope that our special ones will be happy to get them next week. Also, we learnt two songs about??????????????????????????????? “Love” today. One song was written by our talented teacher, Liezel! It goes with the same tune as “BINGO” song. I made a Valentine for you. The heart shape says “I love you.” H E A R T [x3]The heart shape says “I love you.” Hisami made five hearts. Each heart had one letter on one side. The first time, we sang HEART, the second time, she flipped “H” card down and we sang _EART, the third time, we sang _ _ART, ???????????????????????????????the fourth time, we sang _ _ _RT and…….at last, there were no letters left on the hearts. We were just humming five times. After singing, Hisami asked us if we remembered the letters on the hearts. Miyu and Willliam B have a good memory. They could spell HEART without looking at the letters. Another song went like this, “Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away, Love is something if you give it away, it will come right back to you.” Just like a magic penny, Hold it tight and you won’t get any, ???????????????????????????????Lend it, spend it, give it away and it will come right back to you” We sent our love hearts to each other with red heart paper, and we said, “I love you.” then we said back to our friends, “I love you, too.” Love made us smile and happy with nice warm hearts. In circle time, we played with the alphabet cards. The card had a letter and a picture which starts with that letter. Everyone had three cards and put them down on the carpet. We started to look for A, B, C,,,,in order. Daiki helped us a lot to recognize which letters came next. Manuel had ???????????????????????????????good eyes finding who had the next card. Sometimes the pictures helped us to know the letters on the card. Finally, we completed all of the alphabet in order and sang the ABC song to check if they were right or not. They were all right. Well done, petals! When we were playing in the park, Darren brought his special friend. It was his DOG! His name is Dash. He was black and white, smart and a cute dog. We touched him with gentle fingers and his hair was very soft and smooth. We ran with him from here to there and we shared our energy together. It was great opportunity to play with him. We were little bit reluctant to touch him at the beginning, but we all loved him after lots of play. Thank you for playing with us, Dash and Darren! Today’s book was called “No matter what”. The story was about love between a small fox and a large fox. Small was worrying if large stopped loving him, but large said, “I will always love you, no matter what.” It was sweet relationship with love just like us and our parents! Shelley is coming back to school next Monday. We are all waiting for you, Shelley. And we thank you for the big support, Goh san! You are a star! Thank you for reading my journal this week!!! Love always Hisami, Liezel and Goh