Heart heart everywhere♥

Thursday 5th February, 2015Welcome back Miyu and Vincent. We are happy to play with you again at school. Giorgia was absent today because her mom was sick. We hope that Rosella, Giorgia’s mom gets better soon. It was very cold and wet outside this morning, so we could not go to the park. The weather forecast said it is going to be snowy this afternoon and to stay until tomorrow morning. We are not     sure if we can see the snow falling down today.When we checked the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAattendance sheet, we counted how many boys and how many girls in our class today. There were six boys and three girls. Hisami put red and blue sheets on the carpet. Each of us got one pen. She asked all the girls to put the pen on the red sheet, and all the boys to do the same on the blue sheet. Our next question was “Do we have more girls or more boys?” Manuel answered “Boys!” quickly. The last question was “How many more boys do we have?” Well, we were not sure how to answer. More boys, but how many more boys than girls? Hisami took one pen from the blue paper, another pen from the red, and put them OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtogether. She did the same thing two more times. Finally no more pens were on the red sheet and there were three more pens on the blue. This showed us that we had three more boys! Now we understood. Miyu was very good at counting how many more and less. We practiced a few more times with different numbers of pens. We can try the same counting activity tomorrow. Today’s activity on the table was cutting a heart shape. It was like a cutting factory. Nobody needed the teachers’ help to use the scissors. We already knew how to hold them and how to cut the paper. We cut so many hearts one after another. Michaela and Mika always asked the teachers, “More hearts, please. More hearts, please.” They kept our teachers very busy. After cutting, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe pasted our big and small hearts on pink card. We tried to be careful not to use too much glue, otherwise it would be too wet. These hearts are for our Valentines’ card for our family. Our cards are going to be full of colorful hearts. Tomorrow we are planning to make a beautiful flower which goes with the card. In circle time, we completed the ABC puzzle together. Each piece has one letter on it. We had to find the letters from A to Z, and put the pieces together. Some pieces had complicated shapes which go next each other. Daiki was a great help finding the next letter. Singing the ABC song also helped us to know which letter comes next. The shape of the puzzle was curving up and down and it had two legs. We guessed what it was. Was it a crocodile or a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlizard? We showed some good co-operation working towards one goal. After the puzzle, we pointed to our initial letters from our names. Vincent starts with V. William starts with W. And four friends’ names start with M today. Before lunch time, we enjoyed singing and dancing. Koh could not wait for music time, so he tried to play music by himself. Our favorite was “Five little monkeys”. We pretended we were monkeys jumping on the bed. In the very last part of the song, the monkey’s mom jumped on the bed instead of the little monkeys. It is always fun to sing and jump. We could not go to the park, but we did lots of actions and dance to use up our energy. It might be snowing from this evening. Please stay warm and walk carefully on the snow tomorrow morning?!?!  Love always Hisami, Liezel and Goh