The 7 Continents

DSCF3239We were expecting lots of snow this morning and were a little disappointed to see only rain. It would have been nice to take a walk in the snow. We are hoping the snow comes this afternoon so we can play outside. On the carpet today we saw two big boxes of soft animal toys which we don’t usually see out in the classroom. They are big, warm and very soft and we enjoyed cuddling them with our friends. WeDSCF3236 found a wolf, fox, goat, bat, snake and mouse puppet as well as some soft flower decorations too. On the table the play-dough was very popular. We made the play-dough a few days ago and it is a nice pink color and nice and soft so many of us made hearts for our teachers with the cookie cutters. On tDSCF3242he table Jeremy and Jessica drew big circles using the compass to make their world map artwork. They chose which part of the planet they wanted to draw and then penciled in the countries before coloring the ocean and land areas. After packing away the toys and having our yummy snacks we went to the class library to read a book each. When it came time to put way the books so that we could all read one together we were very DSCF3244excited to see Darren read the book ‘Wombat Stew’. We love this book because it has a great rhyme which we love to sing along to and some ‘yucky’ flies and creepy crawlies in the stew which makes us laugh. The book has a dingo, a DSCF3250platypus, an emu, a wombat, a lizard and an echidna in it. The teachers asked us some questions at the end of the book to check we all listened carefully to the story. Because of the rainy weather we couldn’t go to the park today unfortunately and so we decided to play some active games in the classroom together. The first game we played was ‘Freeze’. We love this game and listened to the music, danced and jumped until the DSCF3252music stopped and then froze until the music started again. If we moved we needed to come and sit on the library carpet. We cheered for our friends and eventually Eito won the first game. It was great fun and we liked it so much we DSCF3256wanted to immediately play again. This time Nile won the contest. We then got a chair each and decided to play musical chairs. We all know the rules to this such as no pushing, walking when we move around the chairs etc. This time Kosei won the contest and looked really happy. In circle time we checked the daily calendar and then looked at a big puzzle map of the world with the 7 continents on it. We then tried to match the puzzle pieces with the areas on the big wall poster map. It was a little tricky but we DSCF3259managed to do it. We then looked at the map of Australia and the flag. The 7 pointed star was easy to see and we saw how it represented the 7 territories. We found the right places for the pieces on the big map of Australia and are excited to be visiting another country tomorrow. Have a great afternoon, stay warm and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka and Sharee