Watermelon Art

??????????We started our day with great smiles on our faces. Yurika and Sofia went straight to our activity tables to play with the toys for the morning. Yurika seemed to be exploring our class and finally settled down with our toy blocks. She liked the different colors ??????????and shapes that she can see on the floor. Ritsuka was also very glad to see her friends and she instantly sat down with Yurika to play with the toys. Today, we also had Goh in our classroom. We were actually eleven in our class and the Petals class offered their help ??????????to send her for some assistance. Thank you Hisami and Liezel! The Buds were so energetic as well for Lanah and Hana couldn’t stop singing and dancing. We sang the “Watermelon man song”; we sang it with the tune of “Do you know the Muffin man?” Our teachers showed us “Mr. Watermelon” and inside we found the watermelon seeds. They were like very tiny dots around the watermelon. Nikolas wanted to read a book with Goh, so she calmly read an animal book for him. It was nice to see that Nikolas is slowly showing ??????????his comfort in our class. But then again, he needs more time to get used to everything that we do here in Ohana. Kaia and Lisa, on the other hand, were playing with the animal toys. Kaia was trying to line up the toys on the carpet and she kept repeating the animal names that she would get and later show to Lisa. Lisa may need more time to adjust in playing with other kids and we hope that she could fully participate with us in the future. We read a book and the title was “I LIKE ME”. The book was about a pretty and playful pig that had a very special friend. She described her best friend like she was describing herself and we later found out that it was actually her- the BEST FRIEND! We learned the value of appreciating what we have and treasure the small things that matter.

??????????As we got to know “Mr. Watermelon”, John also asked us about the color that’s inside his body. Lanah and Hana replied that it was pink for they like it so much. It was a great start for our artwork for so we thought that we’re going to use the same color.

On our art table, we saw paper plates and two trays of paint. But wait, we remembered that John said we’re going to use pink for our watermelon. We just saw white and red. We tried to find pink around the room but we ??????????didn’t find it. So, we all waited until John showed us how he mixed both paint on our paper plate. And it magically turned into PINK! We were so amazed by what we have just discovered. Red and white can turn into pink!

??????????While others were having busy hands with artworks, some of us went to play in our special areas. Sofia was very interested in the Dora puzzle, Rei and Riku loved to play with sensory trays that Maki prepared for us and Nikolas was quietly reading a book. He seems to like the animal and car books that we have in our library. Leanne took that red hat and put on a beautiful necklace and she started cutting apples for Lisa. Lisa was watching her closely as if she was waiting for a big chunk of it.

?????????? And at the park, Nikolas met new friends from Flowers ??????????class. He borrowed one trowel and he started digging and digging a hole. We also found out that Ritsuka and Sofia liked the slides so much that they spent several minutes going back and forth. They also liked to go to the big slide and would even ask their teachers to go with them.

??????????After park, we went back to our class. We sang “Old McDonald” but with different animals this time. We used the giraffe, crab, dog and chicken. It was always nice to be with our friends and teachers. We’re excited again to see them tomorrow. We love Ohana!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka, Maki and Goh