Making sushi roll

It??????????????????????????????? was another cold day, but we did lots of activities both inside and outside.In the morning, we made a sushi roll called “Ehou maki” for Setsubun. Setsubun is officially tomorrow, February 3rd, but we will have two events coming up tomorrow. It might be a busy day. Our teachers decided to make “Ehou maki” today. We spread rice on a big sheet of ???????????????????????????????seaweed, and placed some cucumber, carrot and kamaboko on the rice. Then we rolled it on a bamboo sheet. It was quite difficult, so Hisami helped us to roll them.Ehou means lucky direction. We eat a sushi rolls to make our wishes come true. There are some rules about how we eat the roll. We look to in a lucky direction which ???????????????????????????????is west south west this year and we make a wish and eat the “Ehou maki” without speaking. Liezel checked the direction which way is east south east for us. It was facing the direction of the clock in our room. We faced our clock, got “Ehou maki” in our hands, ready, steady, go! We ate and ate and ate without talking! Everyone could finish a whole “Ehou maki” safely! We hope that our wishes come true. It was delicious, so we ate some more after lunch. It would be great if our moms can make it at home, too.??????????????????????????????? Monday is our Gym lesson day. William L was very active in the lesson after his long absence. We started with some warm up exercises with music, then we walked like bears, crocodiles, frogs and rabbits. Some of our friends are getting better and better at hopping on one foot. It was not easy to keep our balance on one foot before, but our balancing skill is getting much better now. Not only physical skills, but also following the rules is important in our gym lesson. Making one line when we are waiting for our turns, sitting down and listening to Tanaka sensei quietly, following the direction properly, these are things what we need to learn. One of most difficult movements was ???????????????????????????????walking backwards like a bear because we could not see where we were walking. Vincent and Luka were very good at walking backwards. Today’s game was moving around the cushions. When Tanaka sensei blew the whistle, we sat on the cushion as quick as possible. Our teachers also joined in this game. We had fun playing together. After our gym lesson, we went to the park. It was quite busy at that time today, so we left the park early to go to the fish pond. It was our first time to visit there in 2015. The fish pond was nice and clean. There were no more bushes around the pond. We could see orange fish, white fish and black fish in the clear water. On the ground, we found a frost column. We touched it, it felt very cold with our hands. We stepped on it, and it made a crunchy sound under our feet. Today’s story was called “I Like Me”. This book was donated ???????????????????????????????by Daiki on his 3rd birthday. One pig girl enjoys her time by herself. She likes her curly tail, her round tummy and her tiny little feet. When she feels bad, she cheers herself up. No matter where she goes, or what she does, she will always be her, and she likes that! After the story, Hisami asked us, “Do you like YOU?” Most of us answered, “Yes.” William B answered that he does not like being him because he likes Liezel and Goh San. It was another sweet answer. ???????????????????????????????Tomorrow is Setsubun. We are very excited to do “Mame maki” which is the bean throwing ceremony. Our oni masks are ready in our classroom. Our newspaper balls are ready to throw. Our beans to eat are ready, too! Love always Hisami, Liezel and Goh