Balls and Rings...Happy birthday Taiga!

??????????The Buds are here once again! We are all set to learn new things and to have an amazing experience at Ohana! We arrived with lots of toys waiting for us. ??????????Lanah and Yurika started working on our Mr. Potato Head. Rei also drew some lines and shapes with many colors. And Kaia was building a tall tower, and she would say “it is a tower, tall tower!” ??????????Karl saw the toy ark on the floor and when he opened the lid, his face lit up and showed a big smile. He took two tigers and zebra, he said that he’s going to take them to the zoo. Kaia soon joined in and they both played with the animals from the ark. Kaia put the giraffe on top of the ark and she also got some lions, monkeys and snakes. She also told Karl the names of the animals that she would take out from the ark. Sofia quietly played with the fishing game. She also took her snacks but we told her that it was too ??????????early for her. She had her water bottle and snack box beside her but she never opened it while she was playing with the puzzle in the morning.

We sang “It’s snowing today”. And the kids looked outside, they saw that it was snowing but it was kind of wet. We can’t go to the park today but we know that our teachers prepared some special activities that we could do inside. As long as we can move around and have fun, that’s okay for us.

??????????  Our teachers helped us to go to our art table for a special activity. We noticed that there were some paper cut-outs that resembled like a chicken and we all recognized it. Then, we dipped our fingers in the red and brown paint and we all painted on our chicken. ??????????But there’s more, we felt that the paint was very sticky and we later realized that they also put some glue on it. The reason behind this was we had to stick some colored feathers on too. It was very fun because most of our younger friends like Yurika and Rei enjoyed the paint in their hands. And we all understood that they like to touch and feel the texture of what they see because they are very receptive when they feel things. Also, this is their way of knowing and discovering things around them. Hence, our teachers let them play for a while as long as they wouldn’t make a lot of mess on our table, our clothes and faces.

??????????We sat in our library corner and took out some books to read. But then John showed us a book that Sayaka borrowed from the library yesterday. The title of the book was “Zoo”. The book was depicting the different animals in the zoo. The very first picture that we saw?????????? was a parrot that has rainbow colors, and then followed by a smiling lion in a cage, a camel that has humps, a zebra that has striped pajamas, the elephant that covers the birds when it rains and so on. The kids, especially Karl, loved this book and they requested to read the book once more but our visitor arrived for today – Taiga’s mommy. We celebrated his birthday today because he was sick when we had our January group birthday.

??????????   First, we asked Taiga to sit on our birthday chair and we gave him the card, birthday crown and of course, our birthday hugs just for him. We felt his happiness and he definitely got a big, BIG smile up until his ears! The snacks that his mommy prepared was very cute too, it looked like a double-headed snake with slices of apples around. The combination of strawberries and bananas were simply great and delicious. We definitely enjoyed every part of it.



We couldn’t go to the park today, so we had to stay in the classroom but our teachers got some rings and balls for us to play with. We tried shooting the ball in the ring and most of the girls like Yurika, Rei and Kaia really liked it. We ??????????also used some toy walking stilts that Lanah and Karl had fun playing with.

??????????It was truly an amazing day again for the Buds! We also want to say goodbye to Karl, hope that we can see you again someday! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories that we have shared together. We are going to miss you and your family.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki