A Snowy Day

Wow! White snow was falling down this morning! It was freezing cold, but we enjoyed looking at the snow from inside our classroom. It was the first time for us to put a snowy picture on our calendar. Michaela said, “We need a warm jacket, an umbrella and gumboots on a snowy day!” We read the perfect book for today’s weather, called “The Snowy Day”. The story was about a boy ???????????????????????????????on a snowy day. He had fun with the snow and put the snowball in his pocket for tomorrow. But that night before he got into bed, his snowball was,,,,,,,,,,,!?!? Can you guess what happened in his pocket? In the morning, we learnt about “sharing and taking turns” at the table while playing with play-dough. Miyu was teaching Giorgia how to share nicely. It is beautiful to learn how ???????????????????????????????to play nicely from our friends, not just from our teachers at school. Vincent, William B, Daiki and Luka were happy playing with trains, and taking turns on the tracks. Our teachers were also happy to see our big progress day by day. On the carpet, we placed face parts on an empty face. There were a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth and a pair of ears. Everyone had a turn to put one ???????????????????????????????piece on the empty face. Then Hisami asked us to cover our eyes. She said, “What can’t you do without your eyes?” Vincent said, “We can’t see.” We pinched our nose next. What can’t we do without our nose? Miyu said, “We can’t breathe. We can’t smell.” We zipped up our mouth next, then Luka said, “We can’t eat.” William B said, “We can’t talk.” It was funny to speak with our mouths covered. Today was Luka’s show and tell day. He brought his book called “I ???????????????????????????????SPY”. That book had some buttons to make sounds. He showed us how to press the buttons and how to play the sounds on each page. It was very difficult to spot small things in the busy pages. We spotted a tiny penguin, a mermaid and more. He told us that his mom bought it at shop and his dad read it for him. Thank you for a fun show and tell, Luka.                   Next Tuesday is Setsubun. We are going to throw beans to get the Oni away and to get happiness in. If we ???????????????????????????????use real beans, the floor will be quite messy, so we decided to use paper balls instead. We tore up newspapers and squeezed them small and hard. The basket is half full of paper balls now. We need to continue to make some more balls next Monday. We sang a Japanese Oni song about their pants. It was funny song. The song tells that if you wear an Oni’s pants, you??????????????????????????????? can be strong like an Oni. After singing, we pretended we got strong bodies and lots of power with Oni’s pants. Our teachers were little bit worrying about Petals class without Shelley, but they are so proud of us because we helped them a lot today. We did good job, Shelley. Please enjoy your special stay in Sydney! Hope everyone stays warm and have a lovely weekend.


Love always Hisami, Liezel and Goh