Cold and sunny is today's weather report

Thursday January 29th, 2015 Today is so cold again and the weatherman has predicted snow tomorrow in Tokyo. He/she has been preparing us for the snow with really cold temperatures so we are all ready for the cold tomorrow……we are looking forward to having a snowy day so that we can see the snow through the ???????????????????????????????window in our classroom.

Today was lovely and sunny and we had fun in the park with our friends and teachers.

We started off the day completing our masks and working on our pedestrian crossing pictures. Today we?????????????????????? spoke about what goes on a crossing; maybe a dog, a person, or even a bicycle. We then spoke about our bodies and what we have on our bodies; what is on our faces; where do our eyes go; where do our arms go; how many fingers do we have. We also spoke about pairs during the morning because Hisami was doing this when ??????????????????????we were choosing eyes and ears for our masks. Shelley held up a “pair of scissors” and when we looked at her face we saw that she had a “pair of nostrils”. We have many things on our bodies that are pairs. We have eyes, ears, nostrils, arms, hands, thumbs, knees, elbows, legs, feet and a few more things. We also have some organs inside our bodies that are pairs. We have a pair of lungs and most of us have a pair of kidneys.

We started to draw a person and we chatted all the time, making sure that we ???????????????????????????????had things in the correct places. Some of us forget to put our arms coming from our bodies and we draw them from our heads. We used to do this when we were younger and now our teachers are encouraging us to think before we draw or work at the tables. Once we had completed our people, Shelley helped cut them out for us and we chose to place them on our pedestrian crossings.

???????????????????????????????You can see in the picture of our pedestrian crossings how most of us placed our people. We saw them crossing the street, so this is how they needed to be. Our teachers said that they understood why we placed them this way. Koh and Michaela wanted theirs to stand up however we were not doing 3D drawings this time, so they had to rethink how to place them. We are looking forward to adding to these pictures when Shelley comes back from Sydney.??????????????????????

In our first circle time, we did an experiment with eggs. Maryna told our teachers that if you shake an egg before you boil it, you can change how it looks in the end. So we placed two eggs in separate legs of stockings, spun them for about 10 minutes and boiled them. When they had cooled and we cracked the shell, they had not changed at ??????????????????????all. We think that we need to shake them for much longer next time and will try the experiment again one day.

We sang our good morning song and Shelley sang a song to us about feelings. In the song she asks us to show her our smiley face; sad face; crying face; surprised face; angry face etc.

After snack time, we looked at books in the library and then we read “Knuffle??????????????????????????????? Bunny”. It is a wonderful story about a little girl that has a soft bunny that she takes with her everywhere. She goes with her dad to the Laundromat, which is where you wash your clothes when you don’t have a washing machine at home, and by mistake, Knuffle Bunny lands up in the washing machine. On the way home, Trixie realizes that Knuffle Bunny is missing and because she is ???????????????????????????????really little and her language is still developing, she says something to her dad, but he doesn’t understand. By the time they get home, she is having a “full on” tantrum and her mom realizes what it is all about. They rush back to the Laundromat and guess what they find inside the washing machine? It was a great story. Afterwards, Shelley asked us if we had a special toy that we loved and took with us everywhere. We said that we had toys that we love; Miyu loves her Minnie Mouse; Michaela loves her ice cream toy; Mika loves Bella her doll and Vincent, Koh and Manuel said that they love their cars. We are looking forward to throwing beans next week for Setsubun and having fun with Hisami, Liezel and Goh. Bye bye Shelley! Safe travels and special times with your family and friends!

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel