The last planet Neptune

DSCF3050This morning on the carpet we saw the train set was out and together started to join the tracks together to make a big train track area. The trains join together and we did really well making sure we had only 3 train compartments each. On the small art table we started making our final planet in the solar system ‘Neptune’. Neptune isDSCF3052 the furthest planet from the sun and is quite big. We made the planet Neptune by rolling the art clay in a circular motion with our hands again and then used a toothpick to make a small hole so that we can join it to our class mobile. We will decorate them tomorrow when they have dried and attach them too. On the main table we got out the large sheet of white paper we started working on yesterday. Marc came to help the teachers draw DSCF3058some really big circles on the paper to show the planets moving around the sun. To make the big circles we used a marker, a pin and a piece of string. We put the pin in the center of the paper and attached the string to it. We then attached the other end to a big red marker and started to draw the circles for each of the planets starting with Mercury. After we had drawn the lines Jessica, Alexis, Marc and Olivia came to help glue on the paper planets and the names of DSCF3062each of the planets. The glue was a little sticky on our fingers but we soon spread it out on the paper and stuck the pieces on. The display is in the library so please take a look if you get a second. Thanks. Lucinda enjoyed dressing up this morning and decided to go skiing in the classroom with the skis and poles. After clearing away the toys and eating snack we headed for the park. It was a nice DSCF3064sunny day but were surprised to see the ice crystals forming around the pansies in our park flower garden. They all stood up and Sharee told us she liked the sound they made when you stepped on them. Soccer was again very popular today with Adam, Tokutaro, Olivia, Jessica, Alexis and Lucinda. After getting back from the park we reviewed the calendar and noticed how it is nearly the end of a whole month. Nile told us how it takes the moon a DSCF3072month to travel around the earth. Ayaka then helped us with the names of the months in Japanese too. Darren asked us and we told him all the things we could think of in space and we told him about stars, planets, moons and rockets. We looked at a book all about space and it showed us some pictures of something called a shooting star which is a piece of rock coming very close to the DSCF3078earth and there was also a picture of something called a comet with a big tail. When we looked and read the book together we realized that a comet is made of ice. We then talked a little about the planet Neptune and how it would take us a long time to get there in a spaceship. We would need to take lots of things with us to last that long and so we all suggested something we would need to take. Here is a list of our ideas: Lucinda-Water & Map. Jeremy-Band Aid. Riko-Toothpaste. Arata-Helmet & Books. Nile-Boots & Computer. Eito-Toothbrush. Tokutaro-Air, Camera, Bed & Blanket. Adam-Spacesuit & Medicine. Jessica-Clothes & Tissues. Have a great afternoon. All our love, Darren, Ayaka and Sharee