It's a tiring day at school

During free play time, Noah and Nico played with the wild animals together. They made the mummy and daddy lion kiss. Nico then said: “Lion on tree” and he moved the lion so that it was in the tree! Noah also drew a picture of his daddy on the whiteboard. Finn played on the road mat with cars. Gento took some food out and put it onto the plates that were on the small table and Tokutaro played with the wooden animals. We had so much fun with our friends and teachers in our classrooms. The most important thing that we had to do this morning was to make wishes for Jamie for his birthday on Monday. We are looking forward to celebrating with him and his dad on Monday. We decorated our star wishes and some of us were able to write our names and some of us had to rely on our teachers to do this. We used coloured markers, pens and pastels to decorate the stars. We will make a special gift with the stars which we will give to Jamie on Monday.

All of us spent time reading books and listening to a story. Upstairs, we read: “My Daddy Snores” and downstairs we read “Goodnight Moon”. Noah, Nico and Finn did yoga this morning and chose the cards with the poses that they wanted to do. You can see from their poses that they have good balance and strong arm muscles. The poses were: the do nothing doll, shark, cat, bridge, table, candle and mouse. During park time, we played with water and sand, sat on the swings, kicked the ball and ran around with our friends. We drank a lot of water while we were in the park as it was so hot today. We always take our bottles with us so that we can keep hydrated throughout the day.

Our older friends are really learning about “Who am I?” in many, interesting ways. Today they stood back to back to see how tall they are and then they measured one another on the Wiggles height chart. As we get older we will grow taller, so we will measure our heights fairly regularly to see how much we are growing. We will measure all of our friends in the next week and put their names onto the height chart as well. We think that the children in the classroom on the third floor may be a little bigger than those who are on the second floor. What do you think?

Our gorgeous, little friends Gento and Tokutaro, spent time singing and moving to the music while playing musical instruments. They both were really happy as they could each hold a microphone and pretend that they were singing. They also put the microphone near their teacher’s mouths and waited for them to sing. Shelley made animal sounds when she was using the microphone. She was a duck, a dog, a cat and a bird.

Thanks for another beautiful day together.

Love Shelley, Darren, Kanako and Sabine