Our Animal Friends

It was an amazing Monday for Buds class again! We’re back and we all wanted to have a wonderful time with our friends today. Dominik and Karl were playing at the circle time area with the toy cars and trucks. Suddenly, Karl took the toy shark and he said that “The shark’s coming, be care??????????ful cars, be careful everyone”. And he went around the classroom carrying the stuff toy as if it ??????????was swimming around the Buds classroom. Sofie, Lanah and Hana went to the play dough table. They were so busy cutting, molding and rolling the play dough into a ball. They loved to manipulate and create various figures that they can make out of it. The teachers asked them, “What are you making for today’s breakfast?” Hana replied, “We are making a yummy sushi!” Then, Lanah said “I am making a pumpkin”. And Sofie answered, “I am making bread!”

?????????? After our fun playtime, we formed our circle and started singing “Good morning, good morning, and how do you do? Good morning, good morning, I am fine, how are you?” And then, we asked everyone about their feelings and it was nice to hear that everyone was happy and having a great day. We also sang songs that we have learned before especially the weather song. We felt that it is important to know the weather outside so?????????? that we may know if we could go to the park or stay inside the classroom. We saw that it was a bit cloudy and we thought that it would be good for us to go outside and play.

Our next activity was to guess what animal was inside the box. John took out a big box of animal toys. He then took one animal at a time and he started singing, “peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo, who is hiding here? Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo, the (we would all say the animal name) COW is here. And he says moooooo, moooooo”. We learned the different animals that ??????????we can find in the farm like pigs, cows, sheep, and a dog. Everyone from Buds class was giggling when they guessed which animal it was. And then, we also listened to John’s story about the animal friends. It was all about the cow who didn’t want to play with the horse, sheep, pig and a dog. But when the cow got?????????? sick, his friends from the farm helped him to get better. And from then on, they all became very good friends and played together in the mud. In this story, we learned about friendship. Thus, we could also invite our other friends to play with us at Ohana. But we also respect if they would also like to play alone.

It was our gym class today again. Tanaka-sensei, who was always very patient with us, never got tired of teaching and showing us different animal movements and sounds. At first, we did some warm-up exercises and then we had to crawl, jump, turn?????????? around and stomp. It was always entertaining for us to practice our motor skills and enhancing our concentration towards the lesson. Kaia was very cooperative for she definitely gave all of her efforts in doing the tasks that Tanaka-sensei was instructing. She liked the crocodile so much that she was doing some extra movements like lifting her legs up every now and then.

                 ??????????We did two activities from our gym class, one was to stick ourselves to the wall game and the other was the gorilla chair game. The first game was to develop our listening skills as well as being alert all the time. Tanaka-sensei would tell us to go around the classroom and then he would say stop and tell us to stick our hands on the wall. We did the same thing for another 3 ??????????times because we had to use our back, bottom and feet to stick to the funny wall. The gorilla chair game was fun too. Tanaka-sensei would count from 1 to 5 and then when he would say “GORILLA”, we all had to find our chair and sit otherwise, the gorilla would chase us during the game.

??????????When our gym class was over, we went to the park to have our awesome play and exploration again. Rei was so excited that she ran straight to the slide. Ooooppps, but she was very slow to go up the ladder. We thought that she would need more time and help to get on the slide. So Hana and?????????? Lanah assisted her. It was nice to see that the Buds were starting to take care of each other when they needed to.

??????????It was also a perfect morning to spend it with Petals class. Koh from Petals together with Hana and Lanah, got pieces of rocks and they drew an elephant on the ground. They said that their elephant was so big, with big ears and long tongue and trunk. Sofia saw Vincent again and they looked at each other for a while but Sofia decided to stay with her teachers for the meantime. We all know that she will play with us very soon.

Such a lovely day for us again! Thank you so much Ohana!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki