Happy birthday Ayaka and Row, row, row your boat

  ??????????  It was a wonderful morning for Buds class today! After 2 days of raining and a bit of snowing, we?????????? finally saw the sunshine once again. We sang the song, “it’s sunny today, it’s sunny today, it’s sunny today, OK! I like to play, I like to play, I like to play outside!” The Buds were so excited playing with their amazing toys prepared for them. Yurika found the play dough on the table and she would sometimes point at the window and say, “Mama, Mama!”


Taiga was also interested playing with Yurika and they were getting along really well. And the other ??????????Buds also played with the other toys that we had in the classroom. During our circle time, we learned about the sea animals, our teachers put the white board on the floor so that they could draw the sea and some corals and seaweeds. We also put out the plastic animal toys that we have and we let ??????????them swim in our little beautiful sea.

                We also made a boat in our classroom, the Buds were so happy when they saw our long boat. We ??????????started singing “Row, row, row your boat, gently by the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”. And then, all of a sudden our teachers told us that there’s an octopus coming, so we have to keep quiet for a bit and then we heartily sang “Quiet please, quiet please, don’t disturb us please!” We put ??????????our heads down and we tried to stay as quiet as we can. And at last, the octopus was gone. That’s what we thought so. Hence, we just went on rowing our boat again. And suddenly, our teachers told us that there’s a shark coming. We all bowed our heads down again and we waited and waited until the shark’s finally moved ??????????away slowly and silently. It was very fun to have this game while everyone was secretly preparing for our next event of the day.

Before going to the Flowers class, we prepared a card for Ayaka’s birthday. We drew pictures and lines on her card with the Buds class faces on it. We thought that Ayaka would be so surprised with the pictures that we have drawn for her.

                ??????????As we gathered around, we asked Ayaka to sit on our special birthday chair. She was quite happy to see everyone who were there anticipating her wonderful celebration for the day. Darren and Shelley gave a brief introduction and greeting for Ayaka. Then, each student from Buds class, Petals class, Flowers class handed her the wonderful gifts/cards that we have prepared on her very special day. She looked at our gifts one by one and we noticed that she was quite happy with the heartwarming messages that she read from our cards. And then of course, we sang a big “Happy birthday to you….”.

                After that wonderful celebration, we put our jackets and smocks on for we wanted to go to the park. But after we have finished preparing, we heard a loud whistle. Then, we remembered what John told us before that in case that there would be a whistle that means there’s fire so we need to go?????????? out with our heads down while covering our nose and mouth. Some of us were so little and our teachers helped them to go out of the classroom as fast as they can.

That was an interesting moment when we had the fire drill but at least we now know what to do. And at the park, Buds class were so busy playing with the puddle and mud. They have found some tools for gardening and they have used everything to explore and even build what they wanted for the rest of our park time.

Again, we all had a great week at Ohana. Thank you so much!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki