The Magical Elephant

??????????It was gloomy outside and the Buds class thought that it may rain today. So, we headed straight to our morning play time. We got our amazing table with green grains of rice, some china cups and magnifying glasses. It was very interesting because we had to imagine making cupcakes, soup and other delicious food that we could think of. We also had some cutting activities; Dominik was very serious doing this task because he was controlling his scissors skills very well.?????????? ??????????Some of us just went straight to the circle time corner and grabbed our favorite toys of the day. Sofie and Hana were so busy taking care of the animals. Hana said that the animals need to sleep in the jungle. And Sofie was also trying her best to make the animals fall asleep. She also put on a beautiful necklace and she really liked showing the teachers how beautiful she was with the necklace on. Leanne took care of the baby today. She was tired making pizza yesterday and now she had to put the baby to sleep too. She was very caring and gentle with the baby.??????????

??????????Rupert, as always, was busy playing with his toy trucks, buses and cars. He just couldn’t leave the play area because he’s driving many vehicles and he didn’t want them to stop. Kaia, on the other hand, would like to examine the grains of rice more clearly for she used the magnifying glass to have a better look on them.??????????

 ??????????During our circle time, our teachers showed us the waterfalls and the jungle. We also got a sticker book of animals. The animals were so colorful and they have brilliant skin colors. Our teachers requested us to get one sticker so that we can put them on the jungle. Why? Because we wanted our animals to live in a very good environment, so that they could get food and could move freely around the jungle. We also love them to have a good time, just like us in Ohana. So, Haruto got the butterfly, Sofie picked the gecko, Hana chose the giraffe, Rupert liked the flamingo, Lanah had the tiger, Leanne got the leopard, Rei got another butterfly, this time it’s a pink one, Maki chose a guppy, Dominik got a frog and Kaia had a green butterfly. It was really great to see that our animals are fine now because they are in a place where they need to be.??????????

??????????We had a very busy morning because we did two art activities, one was the lion pasta art and the other was the Magical Elephant. In doing the lion art, we got an orange triangle, googly eyes, markers and uncooked pasta noodles. We had to stick the triangle on our paper and put the googly eyes on top of it. And then, we shaded the space around the triangle with their favorite colors. And then, we put the pasta noodles around to have the curly lion’s mane.

 ??????????Today, we weren’t able to go to the park because the rain suddenly fell. So, John told us a story about an elephant that was very lonely. We asked, “Why was he lonely?” He said that the elephant was feeling sad because he doesn’t have any colors. And he was asking us to help him to paint some colors on his skin so that he could be happy. Thus, we all did our very best to paint on him, we used colors like blue, yellow, green, red, white and gold.???????????????????? It was actually fascinating to know that if we mix blue and yellow, it could turn into green, then red and white could turn into pink. Hana and Lanah just couldn’t stop painting on the elephant, they wanted him to be okay. They even talked to him, and they said, “Don’t worry elephant, we can help you now. We want you to be happy.” We also took turns with the other kids who ??????????were playing with the playdough because our table was not big enough for us to fit in.

It was a very great day again in Ohana. The art activities that we have are surely giving us a more enjoyable time each day.


John, Sayaka and Maki