Sheep 'Hagoita' Bats

DSCF2668We started the morning adding decoration to our Hagoita bats that we completed painting yesterday. To decorate them we firstly cut a piece of paper which looked a bit like a cloud but would be the body of a sheep. The legs and head we also cut from the same paper. Once we had cut all the pieces we glued them onto our Hagoita bat.DSCF2669 We needed to add wiggly eyes and cotton stuffing next to make it look more like a fluffy sheep. At the top of the bat we put the year 2015 using some flowery origami paper which made it look really good. We will display them in the classroom when they are all finished so if you get DSCF2670the chance then please take a look. On the table next to the bat decoration we saw that the art clay we made into semi spheres yesterday had dried and we could start to put some color onto them. We used Posca paint pens, regular markers and pastels to put the color onto 4 semi spheres. Once they had dried we glued them onto the circular rings we made DSCF2673and colored earlier in the week. When they have dried we will glue on the second side to each Saturn globe. On the carpet area DSCF2683we played with some plain hagoita bats using the ‘tane’. The ‘tane’ is a kind of shuttlecock with feathers. This was fun to play and although a little hard we continued to practice. Riko and Lucinda enjoyed themselves in the play kitchen and Olivia wanted the teachers to be patients at the hospital so that she could give us injections and listen to our hearts with the play doctors set. After packing away the toys and eating snack we headed for the library area. Our ‘Life Books’ were very DSCF2685popular today and we got to look at not just our own but also at each others books DSCF2687too. Ayaka and Sharee joined us to read too. After tidying away the books we went to the carpet area and decided to go to the moon together. Before we left we had to put on our spacesuits. We knew a few of the things we needed to put on such as pants, jacket, boots, gloves, air bottle and helmet. Once ready we refueled the rocket and blasted off to space. We then did a spacewalk before heading for the moon. On the moon’s surface we walked some more but then got a bit hungry so headed back to the earth for something to eat. We realized there isDSCF2694 DSCF2696no air in space and thought about what else needs or uses air, apart from people. We went to the table where Darren showed us a small glass jar and a small tea lite candle. We lit the candle and put the jar over the top and within a few seconds the flame went out. We tried it one more time to see if the same thing would happen again and it did. Wow, fire needs air too. We then had a special story book with shadows on the Lego wall. The teachers had set up the projector which gave a really bright light on the wall. We watched and listened as we DSCF2700DSCF2703saw the story acted out with pieces of paper and small figures on the projected wall. We then wanted to make our own star pictures with the projector and used a piece of white paper, some Plasticine (like play-dough) and a small toothpick each. We first put the Plasticine on the table and then using the toothpick made lots of star like holes in the paper. Some of us made hearts and letters with the holes too. Darren tried a sheep but it didn’t work so well unfortunately. We then took our paper to the carpet area and all lay facing upwards. Each of us then put our paper on the projector and saw the star holes on the ceiling. They looked great. We will be trying this activity again soon. Have a great afternoon. All our love, Darren, Ayaka and Sharee