Welcome back Sofie! Happy birthday Hana and Faith!

??????????Look who just came back today! Sofie! We really love to see you again and at last our group is complete with the gentle and well-mannered girl in our class. Lanah was very glad to play with her again for she instantly took Sofie’s hand and they both went to ??????????the circle time corner to play with the animals in the jungle. For arts, our teachers helped us to sit in one table. We saw some art paper plates, glue sticks and some crayons on it. We knew that we were going to make some nice artworks for today. John ??????????showed us a parrot face. Lanah and Hana already did this yesterday so Sayaka helped Lanah to work on her Japanese calligraphy on the other table. But Hana who was also finished with the Japanese calligraphy ??????????just decided to make a daddy parrot this time. All of us were so happy to shade the paper plates with our favorite colors. Then, our teachers helped us out to know the different shapes and color for the face parts. For example, the circles are for eyes, the green ones are for the hair and the yellow ones are for the beak. Rupert ??????????who is the youngest in our class tried his best to color the paper plate and we were so amazed by his concentration during the art class. Sofie decided to use the blue and black markers for her parrot face and she always said “thank you” if somebody would help her out. She is very lovely and ??????????polite. After getting our hands a bit messy with the markers, we washed our hands and tidied up ourselves and then we sang some songs with Maki, Sayaka and John. We really love the Jungle Song and especially ??????????when Maki and Sayaka will be chasing us with the tiger and the lion. We really got tired but we kept on going and going. What a day for all of us! We were very surprised to see Faith today! We missed her very much and now it was our lucky day to be with her on her birthday. Faith and Hana had their own special chairs; we?????????? sang the birthday song several times with some dance moves. While John was playing the guitar, Maki and Sayaka were helping us in preparing the utensils and things that ??????????we could use for the party. Faith’s mum and grandma came; Hana’s parents were also there. They were so happy to see how fun it was to celebrate birthdays in Ohana. We also played the Jungle Song and all of our visitors were so cooperative and they even played with us and helped us hide from the wild animals around. We were all giggling after the?????????? activity, Sayaka and Maki finished setting the table. IT’S TIME TO EAT! We sat around the table and got our placemats ready. We sang another birthday song for the birthday girls. Faith ??????????brought some healthy snacks like chopped strawberries, kiwi and tangerines. And Hana gave us cupcakes with very healthy ingredients. We knew that it didn’t have any sugar in them so it was not that sweet. Later on, when we have tried everything, we felt full. Our visitors finally said goodbye to?????????? us and we just gave them big smiles and waved back at them. Of course, our day would not be complete if we don’t go to the park. We bumped into Flowers class on the ??????????way to the park, and they all waved hello. It was nice to see them very organized while crossing the street. And at the park, we saw Petals class, we greeted them too and we proceeded getting our rings and balls to play with. We put the rings around our necks and pretended that we were wearing?????????? necklaces. Dominik and Haruto got 3 rings for each of them and they both ran around with the rings ??????????on. Lastly, Maki and Rupert were enjoying the slides. Although, Rupert could slide down all by himself but we felt that Maki better help him out for the meantime. Thank you so much again for the wonderful day we had. Love,

John, Sayaka and Maki