What do you like to eat?

From the beginning of the day we were so busy in class. We spent a lot of time working at the tables and creating with paper, scissors, and glue. In between us working at the tables, we had so many discussions and conversations with our teachers and friends. At the really big table we worked on our Hanami/Cherry blossom picnic mural. Some of us made more picnic mats and added their people to the mats and some of us started to look for pictures of food in magazines, so we could have something to eat and drink at the picnic. In our discussions, we told our teachers that food is a very important part of a picnic. Daiki and Griffin cut out some food for their picnic already. Daiki cut out a delicious looking fruit pie and some wine and Griffin cut out some ice cream and a chocolate dessert. We are looking forward to putting some food on our picnic mats too. IMG_2637We all have our favourite food and sometimes sing a song about food when are walking to “Hisami likes to eat ice cream and cheese” We all have a turn to choose the foods that are our favourites. Akari likes carrot and potato, Sofia likes rice and chicken, Chloe likes chicken and rice, Rupert likes mikan and apple, Laly likes cheese and banana, Nikolas likes chocolate and sausage, Aaila likes rice and strawberries, Alexa likes rice and apple, Barbie likes banana and chocolate, Yurika likes bread and banana, Shreyas likes chicken and rice, Yuu likes rice and apple,  Griffin likes peanut butter and chocolate, Lina likes apple and mikan, Daiki likes chocolate and ice cream.

We love talking about many things and really enjoy our game and song that we play called “Concentration, elimination, keep the rhythm, keep the rhythm to the beat, subject……..” We think of a subject and then all of us have a turn to think of something that is related to that subject e. g. Food – carrot, egg, rice, chicken, curry, bananas etc.

We read “Press Here” in a small group. It has become one of our favourite stories and many of us know how to move it and what to do; we shake it, hold it up, tip it to the left, tip it to the right……..this book makes our teachers think about how important books are, IMG_2636interacting with one another and engaging with materials is; as well as learning from one another. Then Sharee read us a story in a large group before we went to the park. It was called “Sammy and the dinosaur”.

We are getting into the rhythm of choosing our jobs each morning when we complete our morning jobs. All of us chose jobs this morning and we proudly stood and lead our friends as they packed away, got ready for the park, prepared the tables for snack time, lunch time, and of course, when we went to the park. We placed our names on the white magnet board and almost all of us are able to recognize our names.

We counted how many children were at school today and we had full house. Full house means that we had 16 friends in class. We worked out that three people were missing viz. Liezel, Ritsuka and Carson. Aaila remembered Carson’s name and we are happy that he joined our class and we will see him tomorrow.

At Hisami’s table this morning, Yuu dressed his person for our birthday chart. At the very end of the day, we played with beautiful wooden pieces that Shelley brought back from Kanazawa. They come from the taiko drumming factory and were the ends of the sticks that she saw being made. They have a beautiful smell. We think that they smell of trees.

Love always the children in Petals Class.