We are all 'International' children

  Dear Flower Class parents,

It was great to see the sunshine finally this morning and it made us all especially happy and excited to know that we would be able to go to the park today. On the first table we saw the small perler beads activity and shaped pegboards to attach them to. Several of us wanted to try this and selected the car and airplane pegboard backgrounds to start this. We soon discovered that if we arranged the beads close to each other they wouldn’t fall over so easily if knocked accidentally. We had to use our fine motor skills to arrange the pieces accurately and also to have some patience as we knew we wouldn’t be able to finish a whole perler bead picture in one morning free-play time. Also on the table were the beautiful Rangoli pattern pictures that Pooja showed us yesterday ready to be colored in. We were able to choose whichever colors we wanted and enjoyed coloring in all the shapes nice and carefully. Also on the table were the corkboards, small hammers, nails and wooden block activity with several of us making nice pictures of people with big long arms and big red hats too. On the carpet area we all worked together to construct a very big track for the toy trains. We found that many of the trains had batteries in them and we needed to remind our friends that we can have 3 trains or carriages each so that we can all play fairly. Also on the carpet we saw a big floor puzzle to put together. It is an alphabet train puzzle and went almost all the way across the classroom. Wow. After packing away the toys Pauline showed us her Ukulele and started to play ‘The wheels on the bus’ which was lots of fun as we could do the actions too. After our yummy snacks we headed for the park and enjoyed the nice sunshine. We noticed how many of the cherry blossom petals are now on the floor and after a lot of rain recently the ground was quite damp. Many of us collected the cherry blossom petals and used these in our play in the sand-box. We needed to get back to the classroom after a little while as we had a special International month review to complete. In circle time we sat in the class library and looked at the big International Month display we have been making together. There were some spaces we need to complete on the display including the countries; India, Malaysia, Germany and the United States. Once they were filled in we became investigators and needed to complete an investigation on a sheet. We needed to complete the 10 clues from the sheet and see how much we had learnt over the last 2 months. We had questions like ‘Which country has the Statue of Liberty’? and ‘Which country has red, yellow and red stripes on its flag’? and also ‘Which country is your favorite’? We also saw the graphics tablet that we are going to use next week with the computer to make our own artwork with the stylus and paint application.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline and Ryoan