Fruits and Vegetables

DSCN7916Good morning everyone! It was a great day after the heavy rain yesterday. We also felt that today’s going to be fun again in our class because of the activities that our teachers prepared for us. As we said goodbye to our parents, we did our morning jobs and finished them with little help from our teachers. We then went to our carpet area and found some animal toys and Mario Kart figurines. It was really fun to experiment and discover many creative ways on how to make a special zoo for our toys. On our kitchen play area, we’re quietly sitting and enjoying the food that we were making. We told our teachers that we loved pancakes and cakes. We then offered it to our friends and they also pretended that they’re enjoying every bit of it. On our tables, we had the play dough activity. We used various utensils and it was so fantastic to create many figures as well. We flattened the dough and started making our own versions of cake. Our teachers praised us all the time and took notice of the great stuff that we did today. Their encouragements really gave us the opportunity to be more creative with our dough. For our art, we did the dotting activity. We took some markers and a strip of paper. Then, we slowly made dots around. This is going to be a special project for this week so we’re excited for the final piece. Lastly, we stayed in the library with our teachers and took some lovely books that we can look at.

We finished cleaning up our toys and sang the ‘Clean up’ song. We then made a big circle and sat down on the floor. John took out his guitar and then sang the morning songs. We talked about food today. What we saw on the two trays were fruits and vegetables. EachDSCN7913 one of us took one food that we really liked to eat. We’ve got the lemon, apples, corn, cucumber, lettuce, eggplant and many more. We sang a beautiful song ‘I like to eat…’ and all of us were able to sing what we had in our hands and showed them to our friends and teachers. The final activity of our circle time was about categorizing fruits and vegetables. We were so good at remembering which ones are fruits and which ones belong to the vegetable tray. We sorted them out quickly with a bit of help from our teachers. Next time, we’re going to have these special trays so that we could practice sorting them according to what kind of food they are. It was a great experience and we always love learning with our friends and teachers.

Before going to the park, we talked about how children grow up. We have a special book about growth and development and here it discussed things about what children can do in specific ages. The book was really simple but it has a lot of pictures. Hence, we understood what we can do as we grow up. We went to the park and saw the Ohana family. What an incredible day! Thank you so much and see you all again for our yearbook photo session tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016