What's that?

This morning we welcomed two new friends to Flowers Class from Petals Class. We all saw how happy they were to be with us and immediately got on with their morning jobs. We have some new jobs in Flowers class so it was a little different for them to sign their names on the sheet and write the time too.  On the main table we saw the big red light-box which had lots of colored pieces of shaped cellophane and some printed designs too. When we looked closely and overlapped the pieces we saw the colors mix to make new colors. Some of the printed designs when we overlapped them made our eyes go all funny and the teachers told us they were called ‘optical illusions’. Pooja did a nice chart for us showing all the colors and how they mixed together. On the second table we saw all the travel magazines and some scissors. Today we started to look through the magazines to see all the places we would like to go, the hotels we would like to stay in and the things we would like to do.  We needed to cut carefully around the pictures and tomorrow we will start to make our own ‘dream vacation’ collage with the pictures. Also on the table we saw the dice and board game and used our math skills to add the numbers up on the dice and move around the game board to the finish spot.  On the carpet area the cars and road track were very popular with us and we managed to share the cars, the track and the car elevator nicely. The free-art table was also popular with us today and we used the tape, colored pencils and even the stencils today. After packing away the toys and eating our yummy snacks we headed for the park. We were very excited to see the sunshine and as soon as we got to the park we started to play. It was warmer than we expected and soon we had dug a big river in the sand and were shouting “instruction” when really we meant “construction” which made the teachers laugh. In circle time we started by talking about some important things we had all decided at the beginning of the year.  Because our new friends came to join us today we wanted to make sure we all had the same ideas and thoughts. We remembered that we should use our indoor voices, be gentle with toys and books, use walking feet, ask nicely but we couldn’t think of any others and so Darren, Pooja and Ryoan did a small role play where Darren and Pooja were talking and Ryoan just came to them and started talking at the same time. Then we realized that we all take turns, just like in a board game. If we raise our hands then we can take turns easily and everyone can have a turn. This may help us when we go to Kindergarten we hope! We then looked at this week’s letters / sounds. Today we saw ‘or’ and thought of some words with ‘or’ in them such as; fork, storm, horse, corn & cork. Pooja then helped us feed the ‘Guffy monster’ who loves to eat letters if we know the sounds. We soon moved to the table to practice our ‘or’ writing in our special phonics & literacy books. We drew some pictures from the ‘or’ selection and wrote the words below each picture too. Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Pooja and Ryoan