International month: New Zealand

What a wonderful weather! We started our usual day by doing our jobs and as soon as we finished, we instantly went to our carpet and table activities. We tried to use the punchers to create more design but we needed more practice to press it down and to actually cut the construction paper. So, we decided to go to the painting activity and spent a long time making wonderful patterns. We also used our easel and markers. We truly enjoyed using a lot of colors and making various shapes on the whiteboard. We had some painting materials on the table. First, we scribbled many lines with our crayons and started drawing different pictures that we liked. Then, we used the small paintbrushes to make beautiful patterns. Our friends said that they were making flowers, birds and an oval figure. We also went to the carpet and got some animal toys and Lego blocks. Our friends always loved to DSCN7007combine these toys and made something amazing out of it. The kitchen play area was also quite popular. We loved taking out the pans and pots. We’re always pretending to make sure that our friends would get our own cooking as well. We got some new Life books and we simply loved looking at our friends’ pictures.

Sharee took us to her home country and we learned that she was from New Zealand. She showed us a picture of a bird that looked like a furry ball. It had no wings and looked really cute. She told us that it was a “Kiwi” bird. We remembered that it sounded like the fruit. Sharee also showed us how to play the Maori stick game. She, together with Sayaka, used the magazine instead of the real sticks. They played by banging them on the floor and clapping them together. The music in the background was quite interesting too. We were very curious and listened intently the whole time. Before we prepared for the park, we did our fire and earthquake drill and it was very successful. Darren was also there to help us out. Thank you, Darren.

We went to the park today and it was always nice to see our friends from Petals and Flowers classes. We loved playing in the sandbox and made some sand castles and volcanoes. Thank you so much, Ohana for the fabulous day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016