Magic painting

The sun shone so brightly this morning, we were so excited to be able to go to the park. We are now learning how to climb onto the swings by ourselves as well as how to push the swings. We give one another turns so that we can all sit on the swing. Our teachers stand near us when we are pushing our friends to make sure that we are a safe distance away. We climb with confidence on the climbing frame and some of us happily stand on the top without holding on. The park was quite busy today because everyone wanted to be outside in the sunshine.

In our classroom we started a 2D experience staying in our theme about dinosaurs. We sat with Shelley and some books about Dinosaurs as well as plastic dinosaurs. We spoke about dinosaurs and some of the names of the ones that we remember; we noticed a volcano in some of the pictures and mountains and water. We looked at the size of the dinosaurs and saw that some are big and some


are small. We chose one dinosaur to draw on our page and proceeded either to chose a 3D one as our guide or a book.

The results were so exciting because we could see that we had drawn dinosaurs; big bodies, long tail, long necks, small heads, big teeth, etc. We will make backgrounds for our dinosaur scenes tomorrow and look carefully at the environment that existed when they were on the earth. We will try to cut out our dinosaurs and attach them to the backgrounds to make them look 3D. We often talk about in front and behind, near and far etc. When we look in the sky and see an airplane, it is very different from when we are at the airport, going to sit on an airplane. The airplane in the sky looks really small because it is far away and the one at the airport is really big, because it is near. Airplanes really are big; they are not small at all.

At the same time as we were drawing dinosaurs, some of our friends were doing magic painting with tape. We also used wax crayons on white paper and painted over the crayon. We noticed that the paint didn’t hide the crayon. This too was like magic.

We sat together on the carpet and read a story called “Danny and the dinosaur go to camp”. The dinosaur was Danny’s pet and so when Danny when to summer camp, his pet went with. The children had so much fun with the dinosaur and we really enjoyed the story. The funny part was when they were going to sleep; the bed was too small for the dinosaur so he took a pillow and went outside to sleep on the grass.

We stood together and held hands in a circle and did some actions. We love jumping so many of us asked our teachers if we could jump; we also winked our eye; clapped hands; bent our knees, clicked our fingers and popped our lips. We found our names on the white board on the left side and put them on the white board on the right side.

During lunch time we spoke about different food that people eat and we are looking forward to eating borscht with Maryna on Thursday, when she comes to teach us all about Ukraine. We are not sure what borscht is but will find out then. Some of us are really fussy with the food that we eat and even though our moms try to encourage us to develop a taste for many kinds of food, we find eating certain foods quite challenging.

Have a great afternoon and see you tomorrow.

Love always  All the children in Petals Class