How do we say it?

DSCN6637It was another great day in Buds class and we’re all ready for a fun-filled experience again. We started our day with the construction blocks and footprint art activity for today.  We stayed at our tables and spent a long time constructing cars, trains and towers. Some of our friends that they were making lots of trains and a tall tower to go along with. We then went to our art activity area and started painting the soles of our feet with red paint and then stamped them on our pink paper. We’re going to use this artwork for our special gift to our parents next week. We’re very excited to finish this soon. After stamping, we had an extra white paper at the side. We dried our feet by stamping more paint and creating wonderful patterns. It was a very nice experience. On our carpet, we found some more Lego trains and the fire engine. We got so creative again and put all the Lego in the fire engine. We walked around with it and pretended that we’re delivering stuff for our friends and teachers. The kitchen play area was quite DSCN6636popular too. One of us took the soft basket and stuffed a lot of food toys inside. He then walked around and started showing us the groceries that he just brought. Our teachers stayed with us in the library and looked at our Life books. Having them in the classroom is so much fun because we got to know more about our friends’ families and where they went.

During our circle time, we learned how to say “thank you” in Japanese. “Arigatou gozaimasu”, this is the sentence that we learned and not only that, we also learned it from other languages, “Salamat” in Tagalog, “Xiexie” in Chinese and “Merci” in French. It was really a nice way of getting to know my other friends’ languages. We always say it English and saying it in different languages made our day more enjoyable. We also counted in Japanese and sang a song about saying thank you in so many ways. Our teachers told where to find Japan in the world map. Japan is a small country but it is surely a beautiful one.

We went to the park today. At first, we saw that there were no other kids but they came later on. We loved climbing up the rocks beside the big slide. Our gross motor skills are developing each day. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day. Have a good weekend! See you on Monday!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016