Flag of Japan

DSCN6519Good morning! It is a beautiful day again in Buds class. As usual, we did our morning jobs and we're so proud of what we can do now because our teachers were just guiding a bit in completing the task. We had our color sorting on our activity tables and we're very happy to put them all together. Some of our friends were really good in categorizing and we felt very accomplished in what we do. In the tray, we found three colors and they were red, blue and yellow. Then, we had to arrange the blocks according to their colors. It was great to have this activity today.

For our art activity, we made some beans for our Setsubun tomorrow. It was made of newspaper. First, we crumpled the paper as small as it can be like a ball and then we applied the paint all over it. After we finished painting, we put our newspaper beans in the bucket. We think that we’re ready for tomorrow’s Setsubun.

During our circle time, we talked about Japan. We also told our teachers about the shape that we saw and what color it was. We then DSCN6516had another game of categorization. The red and white colored construction paper were on the floor and the. We picked one toy in the tray without even looking. It was covered with a special cloth and we just had to pick one. We found the red apple, white recorder and so on.  We were still trying to learn which country we are in now. Some of our friends know that we are in Japan but others need more time to learn more about the country.

After snack, we prepared to go to the park. We put our jackets and smocks on and head out of our classroom. However, we didn’t have much time to play at the park. The small pond was a good option for us to stay and observe the fishes. It was a wonderful experience especially for our new friends. It’s their first time to go to the pond. Thank you so much, Ohana! See you all again tomorrow!

Lot of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016