Oni no pantsu

We are nearly there! We have one more dinosaur to make tomorrow when Chloe returns to school and then we will all have made a 3D one for our “museum”. Lina and Taiyo completed theirs today, making their models together with Liezel. The rest of us had so much fun making our “oni” masks for Setsubun tomorrow. We used different colours of soft cardboard and Hisami used a rubber band at the back so that we can all wear them on our heads; or if we want to, we can wear them as masks too. You can see from the photos that they don’t really look like scary masks that “onis” wear; they are an expression of each one of us and what we wanted our “oni” mask to look like. Our teachers think that our “oni” masks look a lot like us! We worked at the tables for a long time completing these art projects and some of us sat together and did some puzzles. We had two dinosaur puzzles on the table; one was really easy with about six different kinds of dinosaurs represented on it and the other was way too difficult for us. We did it together with Shelley and chatted about the different kinds of dinosaurs. We matched dinosaurs from the easy puzzle with dinosaurs on the really difficult one. We found a Stegosaurus, a Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus,


Apatosaurus and Pteranodon. We also found many kinds of dinosaurs on the really difficult puzzle that Shelley found difficult pronouncing e. g. Criorhynchus which is similar to a Pterodactyl. We looked at the dinosaurs on both of these puzzles and tried to work out which ones were similar to the ones that we made. Some of us made a Tyrannosaurus Rex, some a brachiosaurus, one or two of us made a Triceratops and one of our friends made a Spinosaurus. We will put photos of our dinosaurs into our workbooks/portfolios as we cannot put them in our books because they are too big…..hahaha!

During free play time we sat on the carpet and were very busy playing with small Lego. Our small Lego is colour coded in small Ziploc bags and we chose the yellow and green.


We put some pieces onto the Lego board while we were packing away. Our new fairy/butterfly wings are a popular addition to our dress up area.

We had such fun squeezing pieces of newspaper into small balls so that we can be ready for Setsubun tomorrow. We tore pieces of news paper and squeezed them as tightly as we could. We will use them to throw at the “oni” tomorrow because we only want good luck inside our houses and our school.

We can’t believe that it is already the second month of this year and soon it will be Valentine’s Day too. We had fun in the sun in the park and you can see from our photos that we loved sliding together on both the big and twirly whirly slides. We spent time running around in the green area and we used stones and sticks to draw in the sand. We like being pushed on the swings and today Hisami sang the Setsubun song to us and we laughed a lot. The song goes like this: “Oni no pantsu wa iipantsu, tsuyoizo, tsuyoizo

Oni no pantsu wa iipantsu, tsuyoizo, tsuyoizo

Hakko’o, hakko’o, oni no pantsu,

Hakko’o, hakko’o, oni no pantsu

Anata mo, watashi mo, anata mo, watashi mo

Mina de hakko oni no pantsu”

Thanks for a fun day at school.

Love always the children in Petals Class.