Our New Year Shuji, Hagoita, Koma and Kendama

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning when we arrived we immediately spotted some large sheets of white paper and three big pots of colored vegetable dye. We also saw next to the pots some spoons and straws. This activity was about ‘movement’. We firstly put our names on the paper and then chose which color of dye we wanted to use first. We took one of the spoons and scooped up some dye and poured it onto the paper. We then used our hands to tip the paper and watched as the dye raced across the paper, we had to quickly tip it in another direction before it dripped off the paper. We then took some more dye and did the same. We were surprised to see the colors mix in places to make new colors. We then grabbed a straw and using our strong blowing power blew the paint in different directions. It took a while for the dye to dry but they look very dynamic. A few more of us will give this a try tomorrow morning too. On the table next to the dye artwork we started some birthday cards for one of our friends who will have her birthday later in February. On the second table we also saw two 3D castle puzzles which had a picture next to it so we could put the pieces together quite quickly. It looked easy but was a bit more difficult than we thought. On the carpet the big Lego (Duplo) was very popular with many of us building airplanes and jets to fly. After packing away the toys Pooja did a small circle time and introduced some of our favorite songs including ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. After eating our yummy snack we headed for the park and played mostly in the green fenced area today. Pooja introduced a chasing game to us where we needed to catch one of our friends and then holding our friend catch a third friend. In circle time we looked at a book called ‘If I could drive a concrete mixer’ which showed us all about how concrete is made and then poured from the mixer. Ayaka then kindly finished up our New Year activities by reviewing all the things we had played and made in class including; Tako (Kites), Koma (Spinning tops), Hagoita (wooden bats), Shuji (Calligraphy) and Kendama (Wooden Ball & String game). We all had a try at the kendama ball game which was quite difficult. Even the teachers tried but were mostly unsuccessful but we all laughed and had a good time. Each of us in turn had a special photo taken of us holding the calligraphy and hagoita bats too.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Pooja and Ryoan.