Baking cookies for Tohoku

We were chefs today, helping bake cookies for Shelley and some of our mums to take up to Minamisanriku for the Art Workshop that they are doing for our big fund raising event on March 10th, which is one day before the 5th anniversary of the big earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku. When you walked into our classroom it had the most beautiful smell of home baked cookies…..yummmmm! We really wanted to eat some but only made enough for a few bags of cookies. Our teachers were really impressed with our generosity and are looking forward to see what cookies and things we will bring to school tomorrow for Tohoku. How did we make the cookies? We mixed dry ingredients with an egg and some shortening and made it all into a dough. It smelled so delicious we tasted the dough which was …….yummmmmmy! Then we each took a ball of dough that Hisami had wrapped inside some plastic wrap and we rolled it nice and thin. We used heart cookie cutters to make the shape and put sprinkles, chocolate chips and raisins on top. Our teachers put them in the oven and when the oven went “ping”, we knew that they were ready to come out. We were able to make seven bags of cookies and we pasted an Ohana sticker on for the children. We hope that those of our mums and Shelley will have a great weekend OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we look forward to seeing pictures of the children with their cookies and paintings.

We spent time playing with play dough together with plastic dinosaur figurines. Tomorrow we will make play dough with a difference. Wait and see what it will be!

We tidied up a little earlier than usual so that we could have a little more time outside to play. Once we had


packed everything away we sat together on the mat. Shelley had a large book but first she asked us if we knew what the book was about. We saw “ABC” on the cover and some pictures of dinosaurs and when she opened the book the dinosaurs were 3D. They popped out of the book and there were arrows to pull. The dinosaurs looked sort of real. Some of us knew the names of dinosaurs; Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, Stegasaurus and Triceratops.

We also saw that there were dinosaur eggs in different colours. In one of the pictures there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to eat a Brachiosaurus. We learnt that they eat meat and are called carnivores while most of the other dinosaurs are herbivores and eat plants. We are loving talking about dinosaurs and saw at the end of the book there was a dinosaur skeleton. Shelley asked us if we have seen dinosaurs and we all told her that we hadn’t. She said that we can see them in museums and that we can sometimes see their skeleton in a museum as well. We then spoke about our skeleton which Sofie said, is made from bones. We touched some bones and felt that they were really hard; our chin, our cheek bones, our knee caps, our ribs and our skull. We like to talk a lot so many of our discussions go on and on and some of them


even take us into a new discussion.

We looked at one of our dinosaur books with Liezel and tried to find plastic figurine dinosaurs that matched the ones in our book from the library. As you can see, we found a few. When we came back from the park, Shelley told us a story that she had inside her brain, it didn’t come from a book. It was all about a giant egg that people discovered in their town and no one knew what was inside the egg. We, of course, thought that it was probably a dinosaur egg. A few days went by and everyone walked past the egg on the way to work or school and still, it didn’t hatch. Then one night people heard a big explosion; there was a boom and a bang and the next morning when they walked to work and school, the egg was no longer there. There was a big red blob which Dominik thought was a flamingo but it wasn’t. No one knew what had happened that night but maybe it had something to do with the egg. This kind of storytelling makes us think a lot.

Thanks for a great day! See you tomorrow!

Love always the children in Petals Class.