Strings of music

DSCN6081Wonderful Wednesday! We started our day wearing a beautiful smile on our faces. We did our morning jobs and for some of our new friends they were getting to know more of what we need to do in the classroom. Our teachers were always there to help us out and guide us on how to make things easier for everyone. Further inside our classroom, we found some push-down toy balls and matching blocks-to-holes toy. We also took out some musical instruments that we had in our boxes. Some of our friends brought out some soft toys and wigs that we can use for the day. On our activity tables, we found some lacing and threading materials. We really liked the cardboard threading holes with different shapes. This is a great practice for our spatial intelligence – tracking skills. With our little fingers, it wasDSCN6041 a bit of a challenge for us as we were trying to put the end in the hole and take it out from the other side. Our teachers told us to make sure that we hold the lace together with the cardboard and then flip the cardboard the other way so that we can get the pointed end.

For our special art, we saw some tissue boxes, Posca markers, pastel and crayons. Our teachers told us the names of these materials as we went along with our activity. Then, we started coloring the boxes with these various media. After that, we put some rubber bands around it (around four rubber bands). Amazingly, it was making a beautiful sound. It was actually a tissue box guitar! Great job, Buds friends!

Our circle time was pretty interesting too. We talked about the guitar and how it functions. We learned about the neck, body and the strings. We realized that there were six strings all in all and we can actually change its tune using the tuning clips on the head of the guitar. We also found out that we should be careful using the tuning clips because the sound may change and the guitar won’t be in tune when we try to sing songs in the classroom.

Before going to the park, we had our fire and earthquake drill. We were very surprised to hear the bell. Some of us were also wondering why we needed to go under the table and to go outside quickly. So our teachers explained that it was for the fire and earthquake drill.

Thank you so much, Ohana! It’s always great to be here because we feel that everyone is so trusting and showing us that they believe in what we can do. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016