Pinching practice

Good morning, Ohana! We are always happy to be in Buds class. We always love seeing the smiles of our friends and teachers. As we entered our classroom, we went straight to our play area to see what was waiting for us. Our library was also a place where we always spent our time with our friends. We looked at the pictures and sometimes asked our teachers to read a book for us. It’s always nice to have them beside us reading and asking us questions about the story. On our big tables, we saw some sensory activity kit. We used some chickpeas and pine cones that we put in our wooden trays. It was really nice to practice these skills every now and then because it is also significant for our learning and growth as an individual. We still continued our Shuji painting from yesterday because we wanted to complete our other friends to have their turn as well. DSCN5914Sayaka helped us out and she was very good helping us out with everything.

During our circle time, we sang the regular songs that we sing in the classroom. We told everyone what we feel today and we showed it with our faces. It was so funny that some of our friends were trying their best to contort their faces. What a beautiful sight indeed! We then learned how to pinch nicely. We practiced with our fingers first and tried to do it with the tongs. It was a bit challenging to some but others did it easily. We took turns and our teachers helped us out to get a better grip. Then, we sang a monkey song and acted what the monkeys do in the jungle. It was really to see how we were able to do the actions with ease and so much fun for today.

We went to the park and it was really nice to have a chance to see the big playground this week. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day! See you later at our Shinnenkai party, Moms and Dads!


Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016