Pansies in the park

Dear Flower Class parents, Today was another good day in Flowers class. Because we have started looking at the theme of ‘Movement’ we immediately noticed the racing game on the table called ‘Granny Racing’. This is a 2 person game with two vehicles which race around the tracks and occasionally crash into each other. The vehicles use electricity to move around. Before we could use the game we needed to write our names on the list so that everyone would have the chance to play. We used a timer to also make sure that everyone had time to play. Also on the table we saw the play-dough that we made yesterday morning with Ayaka. We made lots of things using the blue play-dough, cookie cutters, tools and our fingers too. Next to the play-dough area we also had the chance to finish decorating our hagoita bats with monkey pictures, colored origami paper and hole punched shapes. On the carpet the small wooden blocks were very popular and we used these to build houses and tracks for the marbles. We also saw the pieces to make a wooden Coliseum and even though it took a while we did a good job. After packing away the toys we all got together in a circle and just at that time we heard the music to ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’ and with Ayaka we decided to all row together sitting on the floor which was great fun. After eating our snack we all headed for the park and when we arrived we saw a big collection of colored flowers which the man from the flower shop told us were called pansies. They were very nice colors; yellow, white, dark red and purple. To plant them in our Ohana garden we first chose a spot to dig a hole each and then carefully tipped our chosen plant out of the plastic pot by holding it upside down and pushing our fingers through the small hole at the bottom of the pot. We were surprised to see that there were lots of white roots sticking out from the bottom of each plant. We put the plant carefully into the hole we had dug and used our hands to fill in the hole properly. They look great and need watering only once every 3 days. After returning to the classroom we talked about how we are able to move and that we need to keep healthy by eating the right food. We looked at a book called ‘Showdown at the food Pyramid’ which showed how all kinds of food are stacked according to how much we should eat of each kind. Ice cream, Candy, Cake and Chocolate were on the smallest part of the food pyramid so we know we should only eat a little of these to stay healthy.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Pooja & Ryoan