Car books and Japanese New Year

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning we welcomed back two more of our friends from the winter break. It was great to see them and wanted to play with them as soon as they had finished their morning jobs. The kitchen play area was very popular this morning with many of the girls. Several of us moved some chairs into a line and we pretended to go to the airport with one of us as the driver. We collected lots of crockery, cutlery and food for the journey and Ayaka waited patiently for us to get ready and reminded us to bring our passports. On the table many of us who didn’t get the chance to dye their Hagoita bat chose red, blue or yellow to dye them. Some of us did this yesterday and so today gave us the chance to add some more color to the top and handle. To put the other colors we poured the dye into a bucket and then dipped the hagoita bat into the liquid. The color was a little light on a few of the bats yesterday and so we decided to dip them in the dye for a second time. On the carpet the Lego was also popular and one of us built a Lego birthday cake for one of our friends two celebrates their birthday this week. The clear easel with real leaves sandwiched in the middle was also popular today with a few of us outlining the leaves with chalk markers. After packing away the toys we all got together with Ayaka to look at the calendar, the weather and the seasons. We then had our yummy snack and headed for the park. It was a little cold and cloudy but we had a good time playing in the sandbox. Several of us worked together to make an ‘Odango’ shop at the top of the slide and used some really big chalks to write welcome and also which days the shop opens. In circle time we read a book called ‘Binky gets a Car’ which was fun but poor Binky soon had parts of his car removed because he was too noisy and not careful enough driving it. We then had our first phonics session of this year and practiced writing the letter ‘l’. We thought of some things that start with this sound such as lollipops, lemon, lobster, lamp and lights. We moved to the table and practiced writing in our phonics books and wrote some words too.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Ryoan