A Super Happy Birthday Party!


It’s our first birthday party for this year– hooray!

We celebrated 2 of our friends’ birthdays– S and K. We had special visitors for today: A, S’s mommy; D, S’s sister; and A, K’s mommy. They came into class as our teachers were talking to us about tomorrow’s big school event– but more on that later.

“Do you remember why we have special visitors today?” Pauline asked.

“Birthday!” L said. She’s right! But it seems like they still don’t look like birthday celebrants and they’re missing a few things.

“Cards,” L suggested. She handed K his birthday card, and gave a big hug. L did the same for S.

O let S choose a birthday crown, while A let K choose a birthday hat. Now, they look like birthday celebrants!

We sang “Happy Birthday” for them, then we guessed their age. O guessed 3 for S, and M guessed 4 for K. But Pauline said 83 and 84– does that mean we call them Grandma S and K? Hehehe, Pauline was just kidding!

We gave 3 big jumps for S and turned around 4 times for K, which made us all dizzy, heehee.

We played a game after– it was like playing freeze dance. But, instead of “freezing” we had to sit down as fast we can– the last one to sit down is out!

Nimo played his ukulele and sang while Sayaka and Pauline clapped along. Later on, Nimo made the game tricky as he played fast then all of a sudden slow. It was a lot of fun! C won the first round, and Liona won the second round.

“But we all did a good job!” A told everybody. Of course, he’s right!

We sat down again in a circle, and Pauline said that since it was still a wee bit early for lunch—

“You can go now mommy,” S assured her mommy. Wow, good job! She knows that her mommy is coming back again later when school is done. This inspired K, too, and was alright right after his mommy left. But, before that we gave our special visitors our warmest and biggest “THANK YOU!” as they worked hard to prepare the game— and some yummy treats for us! There were chocolates and fruits to enjoy during lunch time for dessert!

 Before we had lunch, we discussed about our big school event tomorrow–

“Picnic!” L chimed in.

“My mommy told me we have a picnic,” O said. Well, they were right, but the main event was— Sweet Potato Digging (and then picnic after)! Our teachers reminded us that our classroom rules still apply wherever we may be. When we’re in the bus, we should have our seatbelt on, and we’re not allowed to stand up and walk around, or stand on chairs.

“We’ll get ouchie, and then it will be a little bit bloody,” L warned. Well, that’s a possibility, so we have to be careful! When we eat, we need to make sure that crumbs and other garbage is in plastic bags, not on the floor. We need to help our bus driver friend take care of the bus– we don’t want him to be sad when he sees his bus all—

“Dirty!” H piped up.

We should also use our listening ears with everybody, and also our gentle hands, too.

On that note, Pauline read, “Mr. Noisy”, by Rozanne Lanczak Williams. It was about a man who was noisy in all the things he does, like riding a bike, walking, singing, driving his car– so other people complained that he was being noisy. He began to do everything quietly, until people began to miss him, so he played drums while singing! Everyone laughed– he was so silly! But the important thing is, Mr. Noisy now knows when he can be noisy, and when he should be quiet. Just like tomorrow– On the bus, we can chat with everyone quietly, and we’re out playing with our friends after our sweet potato digging, then we are allowed to be a bit noisy.

That concludes our Monday— oh, we forgot to mention, we had Miyahsita sensei back today, hooray! We practiced doing our forward roll on the mats and we tried to stand up nicely at the end of our forward roll.




All the excited little bunnies in Petals Class









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