Fun-filled Friday!


Dear Parents,

It was so great to have Zack’s Grandparents in our class today. Guess what? They came to show us how to make a banana jam sandwich. We carefully watched Zack’s Nana as she showed us how to spread jam, and then Zack’s Granddad cut up and placed 3 banana slices on our bread. We even had fun counting the banana circles on our bread! It was so exciting to make our own sandwich! And the best part of it was eating it!!! Thank you so much for your time. Getting high-fives was so much fun, too! You could see the excitement on our faces.

After enjoying a yummy banana jam sandwich, we got ready for a walk to the deck upstairs. We are sure you know how much we love to use our legs in climbing up the stairs. In fact, it takes us shorter time to get up to the office deck. Way to go, Buds Class!

At the deck, we were lucky to see a tiny butterfly visiting the flowers. We went around the deck to see if we could find other bugs or butterflies. Then we found a tub of water with a skeleton model in it. Guess what we did? We touched the skeleton and had so much fun playing with water! Some of us enjoyed splashing the water so much that we got wet. We liked the feel of water in our hands! We had such a blast.

For our learning centers today, we enjoyed pouring rice from one container to another. At times, we had fun by just scooping the rice up with our hands. Some of us loved picking them up one grain at a time! We also tried placing tree chips under a microscope to see what it looks like! Wow, it was thrilling to see things get bigger under a microscope.

We also had lots of fun playing with toy people. We are so proud of how well we could tell who the chefs, firefighters, police officers are and of course, our family members as well.  Some of our favorites are the Mommy and Baby:)

Another week of our learning journey has just passed.  We learned that our hands are not for hitting, but instead for waving, saying hello, playing, hugging, building and a lot more things. Big thanks to our book, Hands Are Not for Hitting by Martine Agassi which taught us a lot about the good ways we could use our hands for.

Through our sensory table with rice grains, we were able to work on our fine motor skills by picking them up, scooping and pouring them. Since we love the feel of rice grains, it has been a stimulating activity for our sense of touch.

Learning with our friends makes our learning experience much more exciting and fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lots of love, Buds Class Children


Ohana International School