Taiko Workshop

             Moko Sensei: La, sera, la, sera,

             Flowers Class: Lase, lase, lase, la

You know what that mean right? We had taiko class with Moko Sensei today!! After snack we went through a check list before we left Ohana to go to the Kumin center. Hachimaki. CHECK! Water bottle. CHECK! Shoes. CHECK! Head. CHECK! Ok we’re ready to make the hike up all the way up to the Kumin center. Luckily, we had help from our parents and grandparents. Gaelle (An’s mom), Marvy (Sa’s mom), Eriko (Li’s mom), Babi (Ra’s grandma) and Kumiko (Mo’s grandma) walked with us. When we arrived the Petals class had just finished and we processed to follow the yellow dotted road to the gym. Moko Sensei was excited and greeted us at the door. “Hi Moko Sensei” as we placed our drink bottles near the stairs. The drums were in a big circle just like our circle times. We found whichever drum that attracted us the most. When we were sitting and ready we were able to have our drum sticks. We started with some simple beats in the middle of the drum “daka, daka, daka, daka, daka, daka.” When we raised our hand up we shouted “Yeah!” The next beat we used the middle of the drum and the edge of the drum. “Don, don, ta, ta, don, don, ta, ta” Then when Moko Sensei said, “I love taiko!” We shouted, “Ohana!” and cheered! Another pattern that we did was picnic. A picnic is when we hit our drum sticks and walk around the drum. When we learnt all the beats we mixed them together. We exhausted lots of energy hitting the taiko drum to make loud noises. It was tiring but amazing at the same time. In the end, Moko Sensei, Shelley and Kai performed a song for us. There was so much energy in the song! Thank you Moko Sensei for teaching us taiko!


Before we went to taiko, Kai played a game with us during circle time. We needed our concentration, cooperation and the uses of our brain. The game was called “All Aboard”. What does, “All board mean?” Kai asked us. Kensei said, “My daddy says it at home.” Ma said, “It means everyone in here! Like on a steam train.” The rule of the game is for everyone to step/sit in our “ribbon boat” then we can take off. The first time was easy we had lots of room then our boat but it got smaller and smaller and smaller. It was so small to the point we had to figure out how we can all fit on the boat. We needed to help our friends to get on so we can leave. Some of us helped by scooting over for our friends, other friends suggested to save spaces for each other, some politely asked if they can have space, someone suggested we stand up when we didn’t have space and another person held their friends hand so they can stay on the boat. Afterwards, Kai asked us what we had to do to get everyone on the small boat? “We had to help.”, “I shared with my friend.”, “We have to find another spot.” They were all great answers. Kai related it to Flowers Class, we need to help each other find space and we make sure everyone is included.

Today was filled with fun and games. We had so much excitement that a lot of us even slept. If only everyday we could have taiko class! How was your day?

Much love,

Flowers Class Children



Ohana International School