Saving the Earth One Toilet Paper at a Time


When we sat down for circle time, our teachers said they have something important to discuss.

We saw Pauline take out our soap bottle and a roll of toilet paper.

“Friends, we have noticed that it only took 3 days to finish 1 bottle of soap. That is very sad.” she told us. Sayaka pretended to wash her hands and said, “Yay! I can make bubbles!”

“Can we do that?” Pauline asked.

“No,” We answered.

“It’s not for playing– it’s for washing our hands,” Pauline said. “We have other friends– other teachers– who will need to use it to wash their hands. If we run out of soap, do you think other people can still wash their hands?” she asked. Our teachers said that we shouldn’t just think of ourselves– we should also think of other people, too.


Next, our teachers moved to the toilet paper roll. Pauline pretended she was going pee– pee. Then she started to take a loooooot of toilet paper. Sayaka and Nimo gasped. They asked if it’s okay. We replied, “No.”

“Do you know where toilet paper comes from?” Pauline asked.

“From the leaves,” K said. “The leaves of the trees, that’s where it comes from.”

“That’s right,” Pauline said. “It comes from the trees. So if we waste toilet paper, then we need to cut down more tress to make more toilet paper! Do you think that’s okay?” she asked. We silently pondered this question.

“Okay, do you know who lives on the trees?” Our teachers asked.

“Lion?” R asked.

“Koala!” M said.

“Birds!” O volunteered.

“Monkey!” Everyone said at once.

“Giraffe?” A asked.

“Well, you have a point,” Nimo said. “Because giraffes eat from the trees.” 

“Oh, that’s right. So, if we cut– cut– cut the trees, what do you think will happen?”  Pauline asked.

“The koala will fall,” L said.

“The birds will fall,” E replied. They were right again– and that means, the animals will not have a home anymore.

“How about you? How will you feel if you will not have a home anymore?” Pauline asked.

“Sad!” We all replied. She also said that the giraffe, panda, and all the other animals that eat from the trees will go hungry, they will get sick– and they might even die. Our teachers also said that the air that comes into our nose, and into our bodies, that comes from the trees, too!

“Okay, hold your nose, and cover your mouth,” Nimo said. “How does that feel?” We said that it feels uncomfortable.

So that’s how it feels if we have no trees– we have no air to breathe.” Nimo said.

“So what can we do to help take care of the trees?” Pauline asked.

“Don’t waste soap and toilet paper!” E said. Pauline said if we were to use the toilet paper, 2 squares can be for pee-pee, then 3 or 4 squares can be for poo– poo. 1 push (pump) of the bottle is enough to wash our hands– not 2 times, 3 times, or 4 times. Sayaka showed us by pushing (pumping) the bottle just once, and she washed her hands. We did our best to do all of these as we prepared for our snack time.

After snacks, we talked about another important thing—

“Drumming class. I have drumming class,” A quipped. She’s right– tomorrow, we have a taiko drum session!

“Daddy will go to taiko,” M said.

“Mommy’s coming!” A said.

“Omatsuri, I see taiko,’ R said.

“My mommy is coming to drum class,” S said.

“Boom! Boom!” N said. Our teachers said that we shouldn’t forget to show respect, and show our listening ears and nice words when we go to the taiko session tomorrow. Plus, after the taiko class, it will be time to say good– bye to mommy and daddy. We are big girls and big boys, so we will do our best to say good– bye nicely, without tears. Our teachers said that of course, mommy and daddy will come pick us up again once Ohana classes are finished– even our teachers have to go home, too! Mommy and daddy will never ever forget, and will always, ALWAYS come pick us up.

We went to the park afterwards, and we tried out something– we walked to the park without our rope! Then we went back to school without the rope– again! We held our partner’s hand, and our teachers kept saying we should always stay together while walking, so we can help out each other. If our line gets broken– it will be dangerous and we might get a big ouchie!

So, that’s all for today– how about you? How was your day?


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