Fire Earthquake Practice!

         It’s another Fantastic Friday! The weather was not too cold, nor was it too hot, it felt just right! With mornings like this we all feel so refreshed even though it’s the end of the week. All of our friends were excited and ready for school!

For our activities this morning, we had the blocks out on the carpet area. Our friends are starting to feel more comfortable with each other and learning how to play cooperatively. Even if we don’t play together, we still enjoy each other’s company so we take our toys we want to play with and sit near the other groups. We took turns doing the Tsukimi art work with Sayaka and cutting activity with Pauline. Few of us really wanted to finish the puzzle we started yesterday. The 150 piece puzzle was very daunting, but we all worked together to complete it. The more we connected the easier it got and by the end of our free play time, we were able to finish the puzzle.

We slowly packed away the toys with our gentle hands and all sat down in a circle. Our teachers didn’t need to remind us, we all know what we need to do. We sang the “Good Morning” song and our current favorite, “How are you” song. After being a little silly we had to turn on our listening ears because Nimo would only sound out the first letter of our name and if it matched our name we could go and line up. Eating all together is lots of fun for we can have a little chit chat with our friends as we enjoy our yummy snacks. Our weather reporter, H announced that the weather was, “Cloudy and Sunny”. Which to us meant, no rain, thus we can go to the park! Once we were all ready, Nimo rallied us up for his circle time before we went to the park.

Nimo asked us if we remember what we did on Monday. We looked at our calendar in class and reviewed the days of the week.  We remembered that on Monday, the first day of school for the week, we put on our raincoats and walked to Nanzan. Pauline guided us through the steps in case of an emergency. Because it’s so important, Nimo decided that we all should review it and make sure we really know what needs to be done. First, we started with what to do when there’s a fire. We need to make sure we say “Fire! Fire!” to notify everyone that there is a fire and we need to evacuate. Next, we need to hide our nose and mouth in our shirts so we don’t breathe in the smoke. Finally, we need to use our walking feet to go outside. We need to remember that even though the fire is scary, we need to use our walking feet.

Nimo: Can you touch the fire?
Everybody: No!
Nimo: It’s very hot and will give you ouchie
K: Then you will go to the doctor
Nimo: Remember? We can’t breathe in the smoke or else we will get an ouchie so what do we do?

*O hides her mouth and nose in her shirt
Nimo: Why do we use walking feet when there’s a fire?
O: So we don’t fall
L: So we will not fall on the floor

Following our fire drill, we reviewed the steps for when a earthquake comes. We practiced the “Dango Mushi” or “Rolly Polly” pose. It’s called Rolly Polly because we all curl up into a ball like a Rolly Polly to protect our heads from falling objects. However, if we are close to a table we can  hide ourselves under the table.

Nimo: Why do we need to hide our heads?

O: When things are falling down
A: We need to cover our head
Nimo: If there are still things falling over your head, then your fingers get ouchie, do you think you can get up?
A: When the teachers tell you
Nimo: If you are near the table, what do you do?
A: Hold the table’s legs
R: The table might be broken
O: If we don’t hold on to the legs, the table might fall
K: The table might be broken and the toys

After we talked about what to do we actually put them into action. We pretended that there was an earthquake happening. We all quickly moved under the table for safety, but we weren’t done yet. Right after our earthquake drill, our teachers let us know that there was a fire. We quickly hid our nose and mouth and walked outside. We counted our friends and made sure everyone was here. We executed the drill very well and our teachers were very impressed.


Tonight is our Ohana Parent Teacher Social Night! Hope to see many of you there, for those of you with other plans, enjoy your night and your weekend!


Petals <3




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