Happy Birthday!


What makes us feel happy?

Eating our favourite food?

Playing with our family and friends?

Today, we were all happy as we get to celebrate two of our friends’ N and Z’s special day. Celebrating someone’s birthday makes us feel extra happy because we get to share special moments together and show how much we care and love each other.

~Morning Free play time~


There were two types of puzzles that were presented in one of our stations. One was the 4 and 6 pieces puzzles and the other one was the slots-in puzzle. The 4 and 6 pieces puzzles were a little challenging for us but our teachers were always there to help and encourage us to complete the puzzles. We also spent a lot of time figuring out how to solve the slots-in puzzle to. After figuring it out, we used our thumb and pointer to pick the puzzle pieces to put it on the right place.

<Play dough>

Our play dough station is always a crowd pleaser. Most of us stay here the longest because we can use both our hands to knead and mold it into different shapes. Today, our teachers also provided play dough toys, popsicle sticks and colourful sticks on the table to see how we can use it together with the play dough. Some of our friends used the popsicle sticks as a spoon to dig the play dough while some of them stuck the colourful sticks into the play dough and pretended it was a birthday cake. When we were satisfied with our birthday cake creations, we all sang “Happy Birthday” and pretended that we blew the special candles.

<Obstacle Beams>

On the carpet area, there were obstacle beams with bumpy surfaces which we could walk on. The teachers asked us to take our indoor shoes and socks off so that we can use our bare feet to walk on the obstacle beams to feel different textures on its surfaces. Walking on the obstacle beams looked easy but once we tried stepping and walking on it, we realized that the obstacle beams had a lot of curves and ups and downs. We had to focus on keeping our balance because if not, we will keep on falling off the obstacle beams. Erika was there the entire time to make sure that everyone was going through the obstacles safely. With our teacher’s help, we were able to conquer our fear of walking on the obstacle beams. Great job!!

<Birthday Party>

Someone knocked on the door while John was reading some books for us at the carpet area. We wondered who the were? It was Nanako (N’s mom) and An (Za’s mom)! They came to celebrate Noah and Za’s birthday at Buds class today! First, John asked both of our birthday friends how old they were and Za enthusiastically answered, “TWO!” Our teachers prepared special birthday and we presented it to them. Both No and Za wore big smiles when they received their birthday cards and enjoyed looking at the pictures in it. Our class was filled with love and happiness but something was still missing for a birthday party to be complete...hmmm...Oh! A birthday song!!! John played the guitar and we all sang the “Happy Birthday” song in both English and Japanese ;) After that, Nanako read N’s favourite book entitled “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle. The book was really fun to listen because there were a lot of animals in it and we tried to figured out what kind of sound they make. Nanako also prepared the game called musical chairs. We listened to the music carefully and every time the music stopped, we need to immediately find an empty chair to sit on. Thank you Nanako for the wonderful activities and An for preparing delicious fruits for the birthday party!

<Tunnel and Play Huts Course>

When we were getting ready go to the park, the sky suddenly decided to pour down some heavy rain… oh no! But that didn’t hinder us from having fun indoors. John set up tunnel and play huts on the carpet where we were able to use our energy to move around. We played hide and seek with the play huts and chased each other while inside the tunnel.

We all had a wonderful day today.


Buds Class Children

Ohana International School