The Moon and Rabbits

September 17th

Morning fun

“Good morning!” We greeted to our friends and our teachers cheerfully. Today, we had a full moon (otukimi-お月見) art activity on the big table. We drew a rabbit’s face and painted a big moon. We also did some finger painting on the paper. We didn’t have enough time to finish all of Petals friends, so we will continue the art activity again tomorrow! On the small table, we enjoyed playing Zingo with Nimo. On the carpet area, we had blocks and played with Pauline.

Park Time

Our weather reporter checked the weather for today. It was sunnyyyyyyyyyy!!!! We could-n’t help, but to shout out, “We can go to the park!” Sayaka suggested to go to the park earlier so we don’t feel too hot at outside. At the park, swings are always popular. We took turns and we helped each other pushing the swing! Chasing Nimo is always so fun! We are so glad that we brought out bottles because we definitely needed them!

Circle time

The sun gave us lot of energy and had a lot fun at park! So, after we came back from park, we feel very tired and just wanted lying down on the carpet. Our teachers kept Petals class dark inside and we felt like it’s already dark night. We made a circle and started our circle time in the dark room, before lunch time. Sayaka asked us about what we know about moon.

E: I’ve never been to the moon and it’s space . Moon is white.

A: The moon is shiny.

R: The moon is big. Harriet: The moon is yellow. Olivia: The moon is blue. Christopher: The moon is brown.

A: Blue moon. More, more high in the sky Mira: The sky is black. The moon is green Sayaka: What’s the shape of the moon?

E: Circle

R: The moon is.... Circle.

O: The moon is round.

E: I think it’s this big (Holds her arms in front of her)

It was a full moon last Friday night. She said that she saw the moon and it was very big. How-ever, we don’t see full moon every night...hmmm….why? Then she started talking about how the shape of moon change...Sayaka used the flashlight and pretended like it was the sun. Ni-mo had the yellow ball and pretended it was the moon and we pretended we were the earth. She explained that the sun doesn't move but the moon and the earth moves very slowly. The reason why we see different shapes of the moon every day was...depending on the position of the sun, moon, and earth. As the moon and earth moves, we see the bright parts of the moon’s surface at different angles. It was a bit difficult understand but an interesting topic to learn. Sayaka said that she even had to think again and again to explain to us. After we finished our circle time, we had lunch. We felt very hungry so very happy for lunch time!

We had a beautiful today! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Happy children in Petals Class

Ohana International School