Exploration Friday


We were so surprised and excited to see new activities for our free play this morning. Who wouldn’t feel excited to see a LIGHT TABLE !It’s not everyday that we see this special device that makes everything you put on top of it GLOW! This time, we put letters on top of it and were so delighted to see the letters glow!!! Guess what, we even tried to put our pictures on top of it and our faces glowed! We sang the ABC song as we put different letters on our light table. We were so absorbed with this activity and a bit curious about how it made the letters glow, that the time flew so quickly. We are so looking forward to playing with our light table again. We are wondering what other things we could put on top of it and see them glow, too!

We also had a fishing activity that helped us work on the muscles on our tiny fingers.

We just love our free play time because not only that we could play with table activities, but we could also “read” storybooks, play with blocks and even swept the floor! It was such a fun morning!

As we continue learning about our body, we focused on our faces today. It was another fun surprise when we noticed that our face pictures did not have our eyes on them! We had a guessing game and most of us were able to pick our own face picture. Next time, we will try to match our eye pictures with our faces. We are very sure that we would be quite easy for us to do such a task:)

We did a lot of singing, too. It’s great to see that more and more of our friends have started joining in our action songs. Some of the songs that we sung were Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, One Little Finger and Wheels on the Bus. Perhaps soon, you will be able to hear us singing all the lyrics of these songs!

Painting couldn’t be more exciting than using our hands for it! We took turns in mixing up the paints we put on the floor. Some of us did not seem to enjoy the texture of the paint, while some looked surprised to see their paint-covered palms! One thing for sure, we all had a blast during our hand painting. You will soon find out what happens to this piece of artwork

Ohana International School