A walk around town


         Although the morning was a tad bit chilly this morning, it was a wonderful start to another wonderful day. Our topic this week about shop assistants looks very interesting, for it is a job we are all very familiar with. Curious on what we would be doing today, we started our morning off as usual.  On our activity tables we had a small grocery store on one and an art activity on the other. Pauline sat with us at the art table and helped us make our own personal bags made from construction paper. We first colored the paper, then Pauline would help guide us how to fold the paper and then we decorated it with stickers! Nimo was at the other table and we were given shopping carts and some money. We filled up our carts with whatever we wanted to buy and once we got what we wanted we went to the clerk and asked how much. The clerk would tell us the price like $3 and we practiced our rote counting as we tried to pay the right price with the $1 bills we had. For some of our older friends that was too easy so Nimo pulled out the $5 dollar bills and worked on how to get the right amount of change.

Yesterday, Kiki introduced us to the topic and we looked at some pictures and talked about the people that work at the shops. Today, we were told we were going to go on a walk around Azabu-Jyuban and take a look at some of the shops that are in town. We also had a plan to go an enter a grocery store and go shopping for ourselves. We all voted on going to buy some grape juice. That being said, there was no time for dilly-dallying around. We washed our hands and had our snacks then went and got our smocks. In no time we were ready and off to see the shops. As we walked along, we pointed at the shops that we passed by and stopped in front of some to talk about what they might be selling. Some shops like the cake shop and the ice cream shop we knew very well about, but along the way there were a lot of shops that were brought to our attention that we never really noticed was there, although we walked past it several times. We slowly made our way to Amishiro Park and our teachers let us play at the park for a little while before we turned around. It has been a very long time since we been to Amishiro and our friends were super excited to be there again. Ten minutes went by in a heart beat and we had to get ready to go back. On our way back we stopped by Daiei Supermarket and went to go buy some grape juice. We walked around, and because we are very mindful of others we squeezed together and tried to take up less space as possible so other people could get by. We saw lots of people shopping and we got to see a gentleman restocking the shelves. We had to be very careful and remember that we can’t touch anything inside because it isn’t ours and we can only touch if we are going to buy them. We found our grape juice and we headed off to the register. We watched Nimo pay for the juice. Now that the juice is ours all we need to do now is go back to school to have some.

We got back to school and quickly had to start eating our lunch b cause we got back really late. We also had a small glass of grape juice with our lunch, it was such a treat!

Today was such a busy day as we were out and about from start to finish, and because we started out lunch later, our rest time was shorter than usual. Tomorrow is probably going to be another busy and exciting day! Hopefully it won’t rain too hard!



Soon to be Shop Clerks of Petals class Summer 2019